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Chuck's Place for Pokemon
Crush Draw
December 11, 2006

Howdy guys!  I’m back with another deck idea that has been floating around in the back of my mind.  The deck is called CRUSH DRAW, because it CRUSHES your opponent while DRAWING prizes, and also because “Crush Draw” is the name of Tyranitar d’s Poke-Power J.  Here is the list:
Pokemon:  23
4 Larvitar d (Delta Species)
3 Pupitar d (Delta Species)
4 Tyranitar d (Delta Species)
2 Mantine d (Dragon Frontiers)
2 Onix (Unseen Forces)
2 Steelix ex (Unseen Forces)
1 Lugia ex (Unseen Forces)
4 Holon’s Castform (Holon Phantoms)
1 Holon’s Magnemite (Delta Species)
The focus of your deck is using the combination of Tyranitar d’s “Crush Draw” Poke-Power and Mantine d’s “Power Circulation” to power up Steelix ex to do 100 damage a turn to any Pokemon in play.  Mantine’s Poke-Power lets you take a basic energy card from your discard pile, and put it on top of your deck, for the price of placing a damage counter on itself.  Tyranitar d’s Poke-Power lets you look at the top card of your deck, and attach it to one of your Pokemon if it’s a basic energy card.  See the combo?  With 2 Mantines in play, you can use Steelix ex’s Mudslide every turn with never having to attach an extra energy too it.  This allows you to use your regular energy drops to build a backup attacker such as a Tyranitar, another Steelix ex, or even your Lugia ex.  Lugia ex is in the deck to knock out big EX Pokemon in one hit.  Lugia ex can also be powered up easily in 1 turn with the Mantine/Tyranitar combo.
Energy:  14
7 Fighting Energy
3 Fire Energy
4 Metal Energy
Most of your energy is Fighting Energy because Steelix ex makes you discard 2 Fighting Energy in order to use Mudslide.  Metal Energy is to make your Steelixs and Tyranitars harder to knock out.  Fire energy is in the deck to assist in Tyranitars attacking, and also to let Lugia ex attack.
Trainers:  23
4 Holon Transceiver
4 Holon Mentor
2 Holon Adventurer
1 Holon Researcher
1 Holon Scientist
2 Professor Elm’s Training Method
3 Rare Candy
4 Windstorm
2 Warp Point
This deck uses the standard Holon Engine.  4 Transceiver, 4 Mentor, 4 Holon’s Castform, and 1 Holon’s Magnemite should make it easy to Delta Draw for a lot of cards early, and get all of your evolutions out.  Windstorm is to take out Cessation Crystals, Cursed Stones, Battle Frontiers, Holon Legacies, and Crystal Beaches, all of which are devastating to this deck.  Professor Elm’s Training Method is in the deck to search for your Steelix, and Warp Points are there to take care of status conditions.
Let me know what you think!  Chuck@Pojo.com 
Take it easy everyone!



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