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Chuck's Place for Pokemon
Monarchy version 2.0
November 30, 2006

Hello folks! I’m here today to write about the newest version of MONARCHY. That’s right guys, your favorite King and Queen of Pokemon are back, this time in Delta form! With Nidoking's arsenal of bench damage and Nidoqueen’s amazing Poke-Power and raw power, you can expect to rack up a lot of wins with this deck! Here’s the list:

Pokemon: 25

4 Holon’s Castform (Delta Species)

3 Nidoran d (Male) (Dragon Frontiers)

2 Nidorino d (Dragon Frontiers)

3 Nidoking d (Dragon Frontiers)

4 Nidoran d (Female) (Dragon Frontiers)

2 Nidorina d (Dragon Frontiers)

4 Nidoqueen d (Dragon Frontiers)

1 Squirtle (Crystal Guardians)

1 Blastoise d (Crystal Guardians)

1 Holon’s Magnemite (Delta Species)

Holon’s Castform is the best starting Pokemon in most Delta based decks. Its attack Delta Draw allows you to draw a card for each Delta Pokemon in play. Some early Delta Draws for 3-5 cards can give you a huge advantage over your opponent. Castform also has the bonus of being useful at all points of the game. Unlike most “starting” Pokemon like Plusle or Tauros, Castform does not become useless late game. Holon’s Casform’s energy providing effect is one of the strongest abilities in the game. Being able to Mentor for a Pokemon that provides two of any energy is amazing for speed and consistency.

Nidoqueen d is your means of getting multiple stage twos into play, as well as your late game damage output. Nidoqueens Poke-Power Invitation is one of the best in Modified right now. Searching your deck for any Pokemon allows for a very fast setup. With a 4-2-4 Nidoqueen line along with 4 Rare Candy, expect to get her out pretty fast. Vengeance is also an amazing attack. Being able to deal 90 damage for only 3 colorless energy is unheard of.

Nidoking d is your solid bench attacker. For just two colorless energy, you can start hitting any of your opponents Pokemon for 30 damage. For the 3rd energy and the discarding of a Pokemon, you can start doing 60 to the active, as well as 20 to something on the bench. The bench damage should set up any Pokemon to be knocked out in one hit by Nidoqueen later on.

Blastoise d is a nice TecH card in this deck. Its Poke-Body gets rid of your Pokemon’s weakness, which is great against Psychic decks, seeing as Nidoking and Nidoqueen are both weak to it. Holon’s Magnemite is there to get with a Holon Mentor if you don’t have an energy card to use Delta Draw with early on.

Energy: 13

4 Darkness Energy

4 Metal Energy

3 Double Rainbow Energy

2 Scramble Energy

One nice bonus of this deck is it revolves around Dark Pokemon and Metal Pokemon, so you get to run both Darkness Energy and Metal Energy. A Nidoking with multiple Darkness Energy can hit pretty hard, and a Nidoqueen with Metal Energy can be very tough to take down. Double Rainbow and Scramble are here to help Nidoqueen and Nidoking attack for less than 3 energy drops.

Trainers: 22

4 Holon Transceiver

4 Holon Mentor

2 Holon Adventurer

2 Holon Researcher

1 Holon Scientist

1 Holon Lass

4 Windstorm

4 Rare Candy

With 4 Transceiver and 4 Mentor, you should be able to Mentor turn 2 in the majority of your games. Along with 4 Rare Candy, you can be pretty sure that your stage 2s will be getting out quite fast. Holon Adventurer and Holon Scientist help build your hand, Holon Researcher gets almost any Pokemon from your deck, and Holon Lass helps draw into all of your special energy cards. I play Windstorm over stadiums in this deck as you are hurt by several gyms, (Battle Frontier, Holon Legacy, Cursed Stone, Crystal Beach) as well as Cessation Crystal. Seeing as not many gyms HELP the deck, you may as well run Windstorm to get rid of the pesky tools too.

I hope everyone enjoys the article. If you have any questions or comments on the deck, feel free to talk to me! BigChuck01@aol.com


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