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Arbok14's Hollow
October 08, 2008

Hello everyone, welcome to another installment of the Deck Garage at the Hollow. Sorry about the length of time it took to get this one in, I’ve been somewhat busy… Today I have a deck that has some parts new, some parts old, and a lot of potential. Let’s see what we can do to make this a top notch deck:





My name is brian and my deck is magnezone. It is for the modified format.


x2 Magnezone Lv. X (142/146 la)

x2 Magnezone (8/130 dp)

x1 Magneton (54/130 dp)

x2 Magnemite (87/130 dp)

x2 Electivire (25/132 sw)

x2 Electabuzz (81/130 dp)

x2 Furret (27/132 sw)

x2 Sentret (104/132 sw)

x1 Xatu (44/132 sw)

x1 Natu (96/132 sw)

x2 Claydol (15/106 ge)

x2 Baltoy (60/106 ge)

x1 Azelf (19/146 la)


x4 Special Metal Energy

x6 Basic Metal Energy

x4 Lightning Energy


x4 Bebe’s Search

x4 Roseanne’s Research

x4 Quick Ball

x4 Rare Candy

x1 PlusPower

x1 Poke Radar

x2 Warp Point

x1 Premier Ball

x2 Night Maintenance



the strategy is to start with Furret and keen eYe for rare candy and magnezone and the basics.


Get electivire on the bench for lightning retrieval. Claydol for consistency. Xatu for mirror match or anything else that use special conditions. Azelf to get anything prized. Attach as many special metal and just go to town with cyber shock discarding only basic energy if possible. You can change the strategy a little cause i don’t have much practice.


I was wondering if there was like an unown or something that I could put on my bench that puts my active asleep or something so I can use xatu even if my opponent is not using special conditions.


If you can I would like to get a couple super scoop up’s in there. Also what do you think about leftovers?


thanks so much in advance.




Hey Brian, I like your idea for this deck, I’ve always been a big fan of Magnezone, and with the Lv. X, it has become even better. It also combos well with Electivire, which can help it get back discarded energy. Alright, well onto the fix!


Pokemon: OK, well the strategy is surrounded around the Magnezone and Electivire, so let’s try to concentrate the Pokemon lines more around them. Take out the Furret line and the Xatu line. Claydol should produce enough draw, and Xatu will rarely be necessary and just deviates away from your strategy. Keep the Azelf to get the prized Lv. X that you always need. Add 1 Magnemite, 1 Electabuzz, 1 Electivire, and 1 Electivire Lv. X. By adding a Magnemite and Electabuzz, you strengthen the probability of starting with one, which should be your goal. By adding another Electivire, you can make your deck more than one-dimensional. Electivire has a pretty good attack, and it will become especially handy against the many water decks out there today. Its Lv. X has a great Body, which punishes the attachment of energy, plus it adds HP and has a nice Windstorm effect attack. Magnezone will remain your main attacker, but Electivire will give you more flexibility if you face fire decks or metal-resistant stuff.


-2 Sentret

-2 Furret

-1 Natu

-1 Xatu

+1 Magnemite

+1 Electabuzz

+1 Electivire

+1 Electivire Lv. X


Energy: You have a lot of metal, and only a few lightning. Let’s add a few more lightning while taking out a few metals to give Electivire more power potential.


-2 Special Metal Energy

-2 Basic Metal Energy

+4 Lightning Energy


Trainers: You don’t have a lot of pure draw power, so let’s add Felicity’s Drawing. It will give you better draw, and allow you to accelerate energy, using Electivire. Put 3 Felicity’s in. The 4 each of Roseanne’s and Bebe’s are necessary for this Pokemon-rich deck. Let’s add another Poke Radar to help getting those Pokemon out. Take out all four Quick Ball and add another Premier Ball. The Warp Point shouldn’t be very necessary. If you have trouble against decks without them, feel free to put them back in. Free Retreat will normally cure all. You were missing a card, so now we have 4 spaces. Let’s add 3 more PlusPower (90 damage Cyber Shocks KO all pixies) and another Night Maintenance.


-4 Quick Ball

-2 Warp Point

+3 Felicity’s Drawing

+1 Poke Radar

+1 Premier Ball

+3 PlusPower

+1 Night Maintenance


Final Decklist


Pokemon (20)

3x Magnemite (87/130 dp)

1x Magneton (54/130 dp)

2x Magnezone (8/130 dp)

2x Magnezone Lv. X (142/146 la)

3x Electabuzz (81/130 dp)

3x Electivire (25/132 sw)

1x Electivire Lv. X (121/123 mt)

2x Baltoy (60/106 ge)

2x Claydol (15/106 ge)

1x Azelf (19/146 la)


Energy (14)

2x Special Metal Energy

4x Basic Metal Energy

8x Lightning Energy


Trainers (26)

4x Bebe’s Search

4x Roseanne’s Research

3x Felicity’s Drawing

2x Poke Radar

4x Rare Candy

4x PlusPower

2x Premier Ball

3x Night Maintenance



You shouldn’t always have to rely on the Magnezones with more Electivires, which give you a slight advantage over Kingdra and the like. It’s unfortunate that Buffer Piece are no longer legal, because I loved using it with Magnezone! Use this well, it can do A LOT of damage, and resupply itself well! Warp Points may be a good idea if you face a lot of status condition decks, like Gliscor or mirror matches: add them at your will. I hope that this helped, and good luck using it! If you have any questions, I’ll be in the Hollow, you know how to reach me… ;)


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