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Arbok14 on Pokemon
City Championship Reports
January 23, 2007

Hey readers, welcome to my report for the two City Championships I went to this 2007-2008 season. These were the first ever Pokemon tournaments I went to where I needed my own deck (if you remember my Secret Wonders Prerelease report). I tried to study what decks might be popular and which might be strong. Unfortunately for me, my league is unlimited, so I couldn't prepare well with that. What I saw on the internet forums were mainly what I based my theories on. Long before the tournaments began, I decided I wanted to use something like Typhlosion/Magmortar (I know it's really popular now, but believe me, I made this deck waaaay before I ever heard about it on the internet). And here is my first City Championship Report:

Date: 12/01/07
City: Woodbridge, VA
Location: Game Parlor

Anyway, I got up early because I had a 2-hour drive and got started. After about 2 hours of driving on mostly curvy country roads (which made it fun on the ride home, when it was dark and there were no lights anywhere), I arrived in Woodbridge. Unfortunately, I missed a turn, which set me back about a half hour, but finally got there, scrambled to get my decklist written, and registered. I decided to use Typhlosion/Magmortar/Delcatty, with the strategy of loading up Magmortars and recycling the energy. Before I knew it, it was time for Round 1:

Round 1 - against Ninetales/Blaziken

I started with the one Absol I had in here and discarded her entire hand after about 3 turns. She had about 3 basics out and managed to put 60 damage on Absol. I retreated and brought up a small Magmortar (with like 2 or 3 energy) and managed to KO 1 thing before she got a Ninetales. I then knocked that out and the other basic before she had nothing left. GG <---1-0--->

Round 2 - against Absol/Rhyperior

This one is hazy, but I remember getting confident when I only saw Absol and a Rhyhorn, forgetting about Rhyperior. Anyways, the Rhyperior discards 3 cards from the top of your opponent's deck when put into play (I did lose my Magmortar Lv X like this). I just could not set up well, but I eventually set up a Typhlosion and a Magmortar. The Magmortar had all the energies, but then I made the misplay of using Fireball Bazooka instead of doing Flame Blast for as much damage as possible. I also did not realize that Typhlosion's Evaporating Heat discards any Rainbow Energy, which could have destroyed his DRE's. Long story short, my misplays, plus some key Super Scoop Up rolls for him won him the game. I also only had 2 cards left in my deck when he took his last prize.


Round 3 - against Infernape/Delcatty

Again, my knowledge of Evaporating Heat could have helped a lot here. I had the lead (I think 3-0) until he brought out Infernape, Leveled Up, and went to town with its move. Basically, it does 150 a turn if you have 8 fire energy cards in your discard pile. By this time, he had a tiny deck and enough fire energy in his discard. So the first turn, he does 150 and puts those 8 back in his deck. Next turn, he uses Energy Draw to get the energy from the deck and discarded it with Delcatty Ex's Constrict. Repeat Repeat Repeat. I just got pwned.


Round 4 - against Machamp/Roserade

Well he started with Roselia (the really annoying one) and I stalled for enough time until I could get set up. Weakness to fire plus bad rolls for him on Machamp's Dynamic Punch helped me A LOT. I still could not set up fast, and that troubled me. But somehow I pulled it out.


Round 5 - against Magmortar/Salamence EX This was against a PokeDad who was also 2-2 and I got caught off-guard in this one as well, because he was playing Magmortar (the bad one from Mysterious Treasures) with the Magbys. Not only that, but also because after everything I did, he would go "Wow great move" or "Fantastic play" or "Great Player." So I got confident and should not have played so loose. He had the Lv X as well, and at one point, both of our Lv X's squared off and then he brought out Salamence Ex to deal out 150 a turn. Ouch... So he soon won, and we talked after the match. He was kind of condescending after, but whatever...


So I ended up 2-3, which I guess is not bad after my first tourney, but I know I could have done better if I would have known my deck better and not have played so loosely in the last game. Unfortunately, I also found that the deck did not set up as fast as necessary in this format.

Whatever, so I completely took this deck apart and decided to go with Flygon Ex 'd' in the next tournament. I wanted to use Gengar from MT with it, but last minute decided to go with 2 Ampharos from Secret Wonders. If my deck before didn't set up fast enough, I don't know why I thought a deck with 2 different type stage 2's would have been better. Bad idea I found out, but it seemed good in theory. Anyway, here's the report:


Date: 12/09/07
City: Gainesville, VA
Location: Outpost Games

So I got up early again, but this drive was much easier, because it was all one road (about 80 miles again, but still nice!). Again, I went with Flygon Ex/Ampharos/Sableye/Absol Ex. Yeah, it was a mess.

Round 1 - against Blissey

I had a Trapinch or Mareep start (doesn't matter) against a Chansey. He started, attached and passed. I had no draw power and no other basics. I drew my Absol Ex and though I might be able to make it. But then he got a Turn 2 Blissey and knocked out my active that turn with a Boost Energy. So, not looking good. I still drew nothing, and on Turn 4 my Absol Ex was knocked out and I was already done. Wow, it took less than 5 minutes for my first loss this tourney.


Round 2 - Bye

Sigh... But a win's a win here.


Round 3 - against Hurricane (Feraligatr/Magneton/Delcatty) I did end up getting a Flygon Ex here, but he was able to knock out my smaller guys with Warp Points, until he got enough energy to knockout my Flygon in one hit with Feraligatr (OUCH). One brave little Mareep kept me alive here with two paralysis heads, while doing 80 damage (gotta love weakness). But I was already done, as he only needed one Prize. BTW, he ended up winning the tourney so I couldn't be too disappointed.


Round 4 - against Infernape/Typhlosion

He started really slowly, while I was able to get an Ampharos out quickly. Unfortunately, he never got any of his supporters to use, but by the time he was set up, I already had 1 Flygon Ex and then another as backup. I finished him off, and as the end of the game, he showed me his deck and about 15 supporters he never got in his hand (now that is just bad luck, because it was a pretty long game). He was really cool though, and we talked for a while after.


So I ended up going 3-5 combined in both tournaments. For next time, I just need to know my deck better and have a single strategy. My first deck should have done a lot better if it weren't for the player (me), and my second deck was just not very good because it was too complicated. I definitely hope to make it to the State Championship coming up, so hopefully I can get better results there and have a better story for all of you, haha. Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you enjoyed my story of losing! Also, I think I will start writing some articles, so look for those in the near future. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, concerns, etc, and I will try to respond promptly.

Arbok14 @ Snake's Hollow (lol, my archive name for my articles if I ever get popular enough here) chris.nagel@email.stvincent.edu<mailto:chris.nagel@email.stvincent.edu>


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