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William Hung's Underground Card Laboratory
Gym Challenge Frenzy - Part II - LBS (Lugia ex/Blastoise ex/Steelix ex)
May 24, 2006

Hello all,
I will use the results from the Gym Challenges so far, to see how this deck stands the heat:
Courtesy of pokegym.net:
Mexico DF, DF: May 6th

+ 15:
1st. Ivan Bojorquez (LBS)
2nd.- Berto (Ninetails/Houndoom/Flareon EX)
3th.-Roberto Shirasago(KeNTa_FiNe) (misdreavus/hypno/solrock/lunatone)
4th.-Rafael Donde (Typhlo/Liability)

1st.- Angeles Palomino (LBS)
2nd.-Carlos Abarca (Powdacham)
3rd.- Alan (Dustox EX/Jumpluff )
4th.- ??? (Metanite)

Monterrey, NL: May 13th
1st Carlos Saenz (carlossan) (LBS)
2nd Mario Lopez (LBS)
3rd Alberto Trevi˝o (Mewtric)
4th Dali (LBS)

May 20th/21st

Memphis, TN:
David C. SD
Alan S. LBS

Kevin W. Meganium/Pidgeot
Taylor M. Eeveelutions

Dale L. Medidoom

St.Albert, AB (Canada)

1st Spencer Barth (papazit_canada) LBS
2nd Mike Martindale (sdrawkcab) Flariados
3rd Nick Barth (1st seed) Espycham
4th Gordon Coats (slimeygrimey) Pow-Block

1st Katrena B. Pow-block
2nd Ryan M. (sdrawkcab's Bro) Queendom
3rd Alex D. Ninetails/Parasect (1st seed)
4th Kyle S. Dustox ex/Tyranitar ex/ ??? ex

Sharlene E. (sdrawkcab's decklist/boss's daughter) Dragtrode
Andrew W. Crawdawt es/ Salemence d
Aaron R. ??? 1st seed
Briana D. Ninetails/Machamp

Auburn, IN

Jason K. MewTric 1st
Eric E. LunaRock 2nd
David B. DragTrode 3rd/4th
AJ D. Pow! Block 3rd/4th

Jeffery V. LBS 1st
Jefferson D. LBS 2nd
James V. Queendom 3rd/4th
Danny (Dunno last name) Queendom 3rd/4th

Spencer D. Flariados 1st
David R. Dark Steelix/Raichu d 2nd

Sandston, VA

1st:Erik N.(Flariados)
2nd:Danny M.(Scrambled Eggs)
3rd:Stephanie B.(Queendom)
4th:Greg C.(Medicham)

1st Nick H. (LBS)
2nd Devon C. (RK9)
3rd Brian C. (RK9)

1st Bill P. (Walcargo)
2nd Evan G. (Flareon ex/RK9 ex)
3rd Drake S. (Tranitar ex)

Bluer Bell, PA

1st: Adam C. (plaidlesspez) LBS
2nd: Chris F. Mew/Jynx
3rd: Frankie D. LBS
4th: Josh H. Machamp

1st: Joe G. (Medicham and Espeon EX)
2nd: Bryan C. (Rock-Lock)
3rd: Ben S. (LBS)
4th: Martin S. (Dragonite/Ampharos/Manectric EX)

1st: Medicham
2nd: Ben C. w/ MeTro

Duluth, GA

Jin W (LBS)
Eric C (LBS)
Kyle S (LBS)
Stephen S (Pow-Block)

Santiago R (LBS)
Miranda C (LBS)
Bobby M (LBS)
Tess D (LB-No S)

Danny A (LBS)

IF you haven't noticed already, it won like 5 Gym Challenges and placed in top 4's in many others.  So what is this deck?  Well, many of you know what it is, but in case you don't, let's go over it.
I'll start of with a solid version of LBS - a straightforward version:
Pokemon (20):
4x Jirachi DX (Wishing Star)
2x Pidgey RG
1x Pidgeotto (Fire Red Leaf Green)
2x Pidgeot (Fire Red Leaf Green)
2x Squirtle (Fire Red Leaf Green)
1x Wartortle (Fire Red Leaf Green)
2x Blastoise ex
1x Lugia ex
1x Latias*
2x Onix RR (Team Rocket Returns)
2x Steelix ex
Trainers (24):
2x Holon Transceiver
2x Holon Mentor
1x Holon Scientist
4x Prof. Elm's Training Method
4x Rare Candy
2x Steven's Advice
2x Rocket's Admin
2x Power Tree
1x Island Cave
1x Giant Stump
1x Switch
2x Pokemon Retreiver
Energies (16):
11x Water
4x Holon's Electrode
1x Holon's Castform
This version should be accurate within a few cards, for most people who played LBS in the Gym Challenges recently.  The goal is to power up your big attackers, Lugia ex, Steelix ex, or Latias*, with Blastoise ex.  Please use card spoilers if you need help.
Latias* is a new welcoming addition to the deck, as it can One-Hit KO Dustox ex, other Blastoise ex, Steelix ex, and ex-Pokemon.
Holon Transceiver and Holon Mentor allows the deck to setup efficiently.
The different stadiums are needed for different times in the game.  For instance, if your Steelix ex is heavily damaged and you switch out, Giant Stump can discard it, and not giving up 2 easy prize cards to your opponent.  Power Tree is to keep the attacks going.  With Blastoise ex and Pidgeot, you will be able to One-Hit KO every turn with Power Tree stadium out.
Nothing fancy, you just alternate between Steelix ex's Mudslide attack and Lugia ex's Elemental Blast.
In terms of deck evaluation - I think it's very beatable.  Shutting down Pidgeot and putting Blastoise ex into the Active Pokemon position are the best ways.  It's better if you can put Blastoise ex as Active and affect it with Special Condition, such as Roselia from Legend Maker.
In terms of whether to play this deck or not, I already pointed out some weaknesses of LBS.  So it depends on whether your metagame will expose the weaknesses of LBS a lot.  It's important to evaluate weaknesses not just in terms of Pokemon types, but in terms of individual deck capabilities and shortcomings.
Best of luck,
William Hung

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