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William Hung's Underground Card Laboratory
Gym Challenge Frenzy - Part I - MewTric
May 18, 2006

Hello trainers,
This new series of articles will cover decks to consider playing and preparing against for Gym Challenge 2006.  My first installment will be a deck that uses primarily Mew ex from Legend Maker and Manectric ex from EX: Deoxys. 
Pokemon (13):
4x Mew ex (Legend Maker)
4x Electrike (EX: Deoxys - Recharge)
4x Manectric ex (EX: Deoxys)
1x Girafarig (Legend Maker)
Trainers (31):
4x Dual Ball
4x Rocket's Admin
4x Mary's Request
4x Pokemon Reversal
4x Energy Removal 2
4x Battle Frontier
4x Prof. Elm's Training Method
3x POW! Hand Extension
Energies (16):
10x Lightning
4x Multi
2x Holon's Electrode
The core of the Pokemon army is very simple - Girafarig is designed to stop Jirachi (EX:Deoxys) - Wishing Star, so if Jirachi DX is not popular in your area, you can replace it with something like Latios* or Deoxys ex (Speed) to counter against Pokemon with Safeguard.
The trainers are there for mostly disruption - but that's what MewTric is.  It will win a lot of games using Mew ex LM, copying Manectric ex's Disconnect (prevents opponent playing any trainers that are non-supporters), and "grind" away your opposition.  It is important to use Disconnect EVERY turn against decks that uses Pidgeot to set up their army of Pokemon (unless you have 1 prize left, or KOing a heavily damaged Machamp with Megashot will be disastrous for your opponent), because if you don't, they'll lay down a Desert Ruins and get out Pokemon more powerful than yours and beat you.
This deck takes quite a bit of skill to play.  You need to be prepared to go against decks such as Medicham ex/Espeon ex, or LunaRock with Hariyama ex, or decks like Burning Liability.  Multi Energy and Holon's Electrode are there for the difficult matchups.  You have to, for example use Sky Kick against Medicham ex, because it's Weak to Psychic, so 60x2 = 120 damage = One-Hit KO against their Medicham ex.  That's what makes this deck powerful, and the Poke-Body Versatile powerful.
I honestly haven't playtested this deck enough - like only 15-20 games solitaire.  This isn't an easy deck to play, let alone win with it.  I'll break down a sample game sequence:
Turn 1: You start with Mew ex, put Electrike DX on Bench, use Recharge to get moving.
Turn 2-7 or 2-8: You evolve to Manectric ex, use Disconnect, and keep using it to hamper your opponent, draw some early prizes.
Turn 9-End: You should evaluate the "board" - all the Pokemon that's in play, your opponent's hand size, discard pile, etc.  If their hand is at least 2-3 cards more than the number of prizes, and you're like 1-2 prize away from winning the game, then you should use Rocket's Admin to minimize your opponent's chances of a comeback.  As always, try to use Megashot or your opponent's Pokemon's big attacks for the finishing blow, because allowing your opponent to play cards like Swoop! Teleporter and Rare Candy can be very costly.
This isn't exact - but it gives you a very good idea on how this deck works.  I honestly haven't won a lot of games (maybe I'm just not good with the deck) with MewTric, although a number of players are finding success in their East Coast Regionals with this.
Decks that utilizes Special Conditions or doesn't need to set up with Pidgeot to KO opponent's Pokemon quickly and efficiently are going to be the toughest matchups.  Best of luck.  Next week, I'll talk about LBS (Lugia ex/Blastoise ex/Steelix ex) and figure out if all the hype is justified.
Best Wishes,
William Hung

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