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William Hung's Underground Card Laboratory
Ludicargo 2006
March 17, 2006

Hello all,

With the last set of State Championships, I am thinking a deck t
hat can handle a diverse metagame would be a very good idea. Ludicolo/Magcargo is one of those decks - because it is one of the most consistent decks in setting up and getting going. However, in order to truly succeed with Ludicargo, you need to know your metagame well - you need to have a fairly good idea about what decks the other players will play, so you can insert and make every card count.

Therefore, my version is only a sample. But I'll try to give you folks some pointers in terms of the card choices that will work best against some of the popular decks.

Lugia ex/Blastoise ex/Steelix ex: Desert Ruins, ATM: [Rock], Steven's Advice

Rock Lock: Battle Frontier, ATM: [Rock], Mr. Briney's Compassion, Steven's Advice

Nidoqueen: Battle Frontier, ATM: [Rock], Mr. Briney's Compassion, Steven's Advice

Espeon ex/Medicham ex: Very difficult - because it shuts down the our Ludicolo and Magcargo's Poke-Powers - I'll cover this matchup later in this article, but you definitely have a serious disadvatange.

Zapdos ex/Rayquaza ex/Electrode ex: Desert Ruins, Crystal Shard

As you can see, it's next to impossible to build a perfect Ludicolo/Magcargo deck. Nevertheless, think about what cards you would like to have during the practice/fun games, and you have a pretty good idea.

From the list of some of the popular decks above, it is obvious that Steven's Advice is a great choice, because it's probably going to net you an average of 3-4 cards just about every time you use it. ATM: [Rock] and Mr. Briney's Compassion are great choices against decks that have a hard time to One-Hit KO your Pokemon.

Pokemon (22):
4x Lotad (DX - Surprise)
3x Lombre (DX - Aqua Lift)

3x Ludicolo (DX - Swing Dance)
1x Ludicolo (DX - Happy Dance)
3x Slugma (DX - Collect)

3x Magcargo (DX - Smooth Over)
4x Plusle (DX - Call for Family)
1x Jirachi (HL - Make a Wish)

Trainers (23):
3x Celio's Network
3x Steven's Advice
2x Rocket's Admin
2x Ancient Technical Machine: [Rock]
3x Rare Candy
4x Battle Frontier
1x Solid Rage
1x POW! Hand Extension
1x Mr. Briney's Compassion
1x VS Seeker
1x Warp Point
1x Copycat
1x Pokemon Retreiver

Energies (15):
4x Water
3x Rainbow
3x Double Rainbow
2x Scramble
1x Heal
1x Holon Energy WP
1x Cyclone

I like Battle Frontier, because even against decks such as Lugia ex/Blastoise ex/Steelix ex, stopping Pidgeot's Quick Search even for a turn or two can make a difference between winning or losing. ATM: [Rock] allows you to keep up the game tempo, getting KO with a single Energy attachment, such as Water Energy, and puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. It also makes retreating severely damaged Pokemon a very unattractive option for your opponent. Mr. Briney's Compassion is pretty standard. VS Seeker is also great to have - it's really versatile and can act as a 3rd Rocket's Admin, 2nd Mr. Briney's, 2nd Copycat, etc. I think you can tweak your Energy line as you see fit, but again for me, for a Ludicolo/Magcargo deck, I like to be able to search for something useful every single turn. If I can get 2 Ludicolo and 2 Magcargo, then I like to be able to get to use 2 cards every turn that will get me closer to winning.

Against Medicham ex/Espeon ex, your best hope is to eliminate and KO their Medicham ex. It's also best to find a way not to take the first prize, so you don't let them use POW! Hand Extension on your Magcargo and Pure Power everything. Of course, it's a lot easier to be said than done, as it's realistic that your opponent will build 2 Medicham ex, and you can't afford to give up too much initiative.

I am not the best Ludicolo/Magcargo deck builder or player, so don't bash me too hard. Again, please post any comments or suggestions at wilhung53@aim.com.

Best Regards,
William Hung


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