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William Hung on Pokemon

Pokemon City Championship Report

I haven't written for a while, so I thought this would be an interesting deck report.

Metagame: Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode, Metagross d/Dragonite d, Typhlosion (Emerald) variations,
1x Ludicargo, 1x ZRE, various Fire rogue decks

My choices are really between Turn 2 Houndoom and SPM (Scizor ex/Metagross/Pidgeot), and my Weakness to Fire for Scizor ex will be exposed and it can't be good.

I worked and tweaked my Turn 2 Houndoom after some playtesting at Chatsworth CC (okay, I didn't run it at Chatsworth as I chose SPM) and I'm ready to give it a shot.

Pokemon (12):
4x Jirachi (Deoxys)
3x Houndour (Unseen Forces - Smog)
1x Houndour (TRR - Smokescreen)
4x Houndoom (Unseen Forces)

Trainers (31):
4x Swoop! Teleporter
4x Pokemon Reversal
4x Energy Removal 2
3x Mary's Request
1x TV Reporter
4x Celio's Network
4x Battle Frontier
1x Pokemon Retreiver
2x Steven's Advice
2x Scott
2x Rocket's Admin

Energies (17):
11x Fire
2x Multi
4x DRE (Double Rainbow)

Round 1: vs. Dan B. (Ariados/Houndoom)
I thought it may be a long and painful match, but he couldn't get anything started (just a Spinarak and a Houndour), I won the game within 3 turns.

Win 1-0 3pts.

Round 2: vs. David Y. (Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode/Rocket's Sneasel ex)
His version is the version I expected - functioning very fast with Dual Balls and straightforward draw including Rocket's Admin, Steven's, etc.

I couldn't keep my Battle Frontiers in play, when I most needed it early and middle stages of the game (like the first 6-7 turns). My timing of Rocket's Admin for both of them were appropriate - I needed to refill my hand with "weapons" and disrupt my opponent. However, both of them seem to cripple me because the 1st Admin gave him Desert Ruins to counter my Battle Frontier (it was 6+1 = 7, and I had the same Pokemon as he did at that point). The 2nd Admin almost wreck any chance for me to win the game, because out of his 4 cards he drew from Admin, he got 1 of his 2 Mr. Briney's and a Desert Ruins. (Fine he got 5 cards including his draw during beginning of his turn).

I couldn't get any Heads when I need them: 0/3 on Energy Removal 2, 0/2 on Pokemon Reversal, 0/1 on Tight Jaw.

Had any of them been HEADS, I would at least have a legitmate chance in winning this game.

Final calculation I had to make was for my Pokemon Retreiver. Since I didn't have a Celio's, I can't afford to shuffle Pokemon back and hope to get lucky (like using Mary's Request afterwards). My only hope is to play Retreiver for Houndoom and that he didn't have his last Darkness Energy in his hand, because he has Dark Dragonite and the rest of his gang, but I do have Battle Frontier and the lock late in the game. But he showed me and added the Darkness (totalling 2 Darkness on Dark Dragonite, other 2 in discard pile), and it's over.

Loss 1-1 3pts.

I wish I had another Rocket's Admin, and that means additional tweaking after this CC.

Lunch Time

It is 4 rounds of Swiss for us 15+ today, and a cut to top 4. I figure I must win the remaining 2 rounds to have any chance at all.

Round 3: vs. Chris G. (Typhlosion (Emerald) variation)
He got off a bad start with a lone Pidgey and had to go first. The game didn't last long because I had the turn 2 Houndoom and plenty of options in my hand.

Win 2-1 6pts.

Round 4: vs. Chung Ly (Zapdos ex/Rayquaza ex/Electrode ex variation)
His variation was Magcargo and Ninetales with Safeguard. The difference early on was for me to invest 1 Fire Energy in each of my 2 Houndours, and I kept the other Houndour with Smokescreen on the Bench. I sacrifice my Jirachi, and then Houndour with Smog, by using Smog on his Electrode ex. This prevents him from getting an easy win by "Blowing it Up". He KOed my Houndour, and I evolved the other Houndour to Houndoom, attach Double Rainbow, laying down more Pokemon, and played Rocket's Admin. It was well-timed, because he was ready to lay a beatdown with whatever he Smooth-Over'd.

I was maintaining the pressure and initiative by being able to get HEADS on almost all critical flips with Pokemon Reversals and Energy Removal 2's. The next key play was when I was up at a prize count 3-4, and I use Pokemon Reversal on Magcargo and succeeded. I Smog with my Houndour (because he was able to use Pokemon Reversal on my Houndour at that point of the game).

This gave him very few options, because I know if I KO his Magcargo with my Houndoom, he probably will lose the game. He seemed to know it too, and decide to gamble it up by "Blowing Up" his Electrode ex, putting all the Energies on Magcargo. Then he plays Rayquaza ex (Deoxys) and takes 2 of those energies. He retreats his Magcargo and attach an Energy for his turn to Rayquaza ex so he can KO my Houndour.

The prize count is now 1-3 in my favor, but I know I'm in trouble, because I probably need to draw some of the 3 remaining Pokemon Reversals to win the game. I dealt 60 damage with Houndoom (no worries - I have 2) to his Rayquaza ex. He makes another great move my playing down Zapdos ex, although that would deny him any non-Supporter trainers for rest of this game (POW! Hand Extension, Switch, etc.), as after the inevitable KO, it will be a Pokemon count of 2-4 (I would only have 2 Pokemon in play after the KO).

I needed Pokemon Reversals fast, and decided to buy a turn with Jirachi (Deoxys). I use Wishing Star and get Mary's Request, and Mary's Request finally gave me 1 Pokemon Reversal. Since he can't use POW! or Pokemon Reversals, he KOed my Jirachi (Deoxys) with Zapdos ex, and I drew 1 more Pokemon Reversals.

It turns out I only needed 1 on his Slugma, because I landed HEADS the 1st time. Great Game!

Win 3-1 9pts.

As expected, the undefeated player and the three 3-1's made it to top 4. Due to time constraints, it's a one-game match.

Top 4: vs. Marshall Cary (Metagross d/Dragonite d)
No surprises, he started off with a lone Beldum, attached a Metal, and passed. I had both Houndour and Houndoom, Fire Energies, DRE, Celio's, Mary's Request, Battle Frontier. Very good start for me. I drew Energy Removal 2 and used it immediately. I got HEADS, and I attach, Smog, and passed.

He pulled off turn 2 Metagross, Holon Ruins, but wasn't able to get DRE, so next turn I evolved to Houndoom and played DRE and KOed his lone Metagross.

Win 4-1

Finals: vs. Matt Brooks (Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode/Rocket's Sneasel ex)
I almost got an easy win, because I went first and used Smog on his lone Voltorb, and he plays a Dratini and passed. I played Battle Frontier turn 2, Houndoom took care of his Voltorb, and he topdecked Lanette's Net Search (!). We had same number of Pokemon (I believe 2-2), so he countered it with Desert Ruins and was able to use Evolutionary Light.

The he got out Dark Electrode and the engine started working. Fortunately, I was able to succeed with my Pokemon Reversal (on Dark Electrode, with Holon's Electrode) and that got me off to a good start with a 2 prize advantage.

Thereafter, I tried to end the game rather quickly by using the other 2 Pokemon Reversals in my hand on Rocket's Sneasel ex (2nd one succeeded), and hope Tight Jaw can Paralyze it, as I have the trainer lock on him with Battle Frontier. It didn't work (TAILS), and the game was very much a war of attrition, because he kept using Drag Offs to prevent me from using my Houndoom to attack, and after I can use my Houndoom to attack, he played a timely Mr. Briney's and a Warp Energy, saving 2 KOs on 2 Dark Dragonites. Nevertheless, I kept him in check with timely Energy Removal 2's as well. All that Wishing Star, 5x Tight Jaws (because I was struggling with Energies at this point), just keep time moving off the clock, and even though he got an important KO with Rocket's Sneasel ex on one of my Houndoom, time was called soon after that.

Win 5-1

That's all folks! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my City Championship Reoprt.

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