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Stephen Silvestro on Pokemon
States Decks Review and Summary. And what to expect at Regionals
March 21, 2007

Now that States have been wrapped up we can review the winning decks and get an idea for what everyone can expect to see at Regionals. To do that we must first look at the decks that won State Championship tournaments.

8 Flygon d/Flygon d ex
6 Metanite
4 Delta
3 Banette
3 Destiny
2 Shiftry
2 Absolutions
2 Flariados
1 Meganium d/ex
1 Arcanine ex

As you see , 3 of the top 4 decks are the same from CCs. What was rumored as the season started has become true. Flygon and Metanite are reigning supreme. If you are expecting to beat these decks at regionals , you must know how these decks work.

If you look at the top 4 decks what do they all have in common? All 4 decks use Holon's Castform - Not for his energy , but for his attack.

[1] Delta Draw - Count the number of Pokemon you have in play that has Delta Species on its card. Draw up to that many cards.

All of these decks use the Holon Engine. What that means is you ideally start with Holon Castform and use a Holon Mentor to get Delta Species basics and turn after turn you continue to use delta draw to get anywhere from 1-5 cards untill you have reached your ideal set up.

Flygon D/Flygon D EX - Flygon D/Flygon D EX decks attempt to use Delta Draw to get cards untill they can achieve 2 Flygon D and a Flygon D EX at which point they can attack with the EX. These decks also include certain "techs" such as Rayquazza D EX or other various Delta Species Pokemon. These particular decks typicially use Mew * as their * pokemon.

Metanite - Metanite or MetaDrag as some players call it, also uses the Holon/Delta Draw engine to get a massive hand. With an average hand metanite is able to get turn 1 or turn 2 Metagross D which aids in it's outstanding set up. This deck is arguable the most consistent deck across the board with better than average matchups with all of the other top 4 decks.Metanite plays certain techs which include , but at not limited to: Sceptile D EX , Lugia EX , Latios * and some players run the "Latilock"(Latios D EX and Latias D).

MSN or MSNBC - MSN is Metagross(DX) , Steelix EX , and Nidoqueen D. This deck , like the others use the Holon/Delta Draw engine. The ideal set is 2 Metagross , a Nidoqueen D and a Steelix EX. The deck uses Metagross' Poke-POWER Super Connectivity to keep charging Steelix EX and attaching any of the Holon Evolutions or Holon Castforms. This deck on average uses the Latilock and Latios* OR Latias * (Has the ability to run either).

Delta The Origin - Many players refer to this deck as "RaiEggs" that is the entirely INCORRECT name for this deck. Delta was a Secret Deck (SD) between several members of "Lafonte"( An exclusive Pokemon Team that has won nationals 2 years running , and swept Nationals AND Worlds last year.) The deck was run by several members , including but not limited to: Martin Moreno , Kyle Sucevich(pooka) , and Eric Ennocenti. A false version was leaked to throw people off. This version included Marowak D instead of Eggs.Martin Moreno went on to play the true version and swept nationals going 14-0 and certainly EARNING his worlds invite.

Delta , The Deck - Like the 3 decks above it , Delta runs off the same engine. A typical Delta list runs 4 Cessation Crystal and 4 Cursed Stone. Some people feel that Delta can beat all of the other top 4 decks. You will need to do your own playtesting , However I can say that if Delta gets a good set it has a good Metanite match and a 50/50 MSN match. Even with the best of sets Flygon is nearly your autoloss though.

Now that you can better understand what these decks do , you can better help yourself to beat them.

What to expect at Regionals? I personally expect the hype around Flygon to bring alot more of it to regionals. And with Flygon coming , More people will bring Metanite as a counter. Don't hold me to this , but with the increased Metanite presence I don't expect MSN to be as big at Regionals as it was at states.However that assesment is purely speculation.

Keep checking in on my page for more Articles about Tournaments , Decks , and the Pokemon TCG in general.

-Steve Silvestro



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