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Raichu's  Room
June 4, 2008


Dutch Nationals Report

The night before Nationals we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Utrecht.
The same city were Nationals was being held. We were playtesting
a lot of different decks and trying out all sorts of ideas. After 3hours
 of sleep I still didn't know what to play. I decided to go safe and took
my Gardevoir/Gallade deck.  

We had a total of 58 Masters

1st Round vs Rebecca Berkenpies with Garchomp Lv X/Empoleon/Gallade/Gardevoir

 I started really bad. But after a while I finally got my setup. But she already took a few prizes. A Scramble energy attached to Gallade got me back in the Game. And after a Psychic Lock from Gardevoir it was Game.



 2nd Round vs Kevin de Mooij my good friend and  team member with Kabutops

 I started with a Baltoy >_< and he started with a Helix Fossil. So we both had a crappy start. He got a turn 2 Omastar giving my Baltoy 40 damage. I topdecked a Roseanne's Research (luckily) I searched for Ralts and a Fighting Energy. I had a Rare Candy and Gallade in my hand but I waited for next turn. Next turn He started building a Kabutops and then he KO'd my Baltoy. I responded with my Rare Candy Scramble Gallade and that pretty much gave me Game.

 Sorry Kevin :(



3rd Round vs Arco Oliemans (last years Dutch Champion) with Empoleon.

 He's a good player the last time I faced him I won but it was a hard battle.
I started pretty nice he on the other hand didn't had that much of a setup with
2 Piplup. Because of my setup I outspeeded him and started to take prizes really
quick I took 5 and he still had 5 prizes. He could come back in the Game.


4th Round vs Lia van Bemmelen with Empoleon/Gardevoir/Gallade

Always a strong opponent and this time it wasn't any different. We started swapping
Prizes from early on in the Game till after a while we were tied in prizes. The situation was in her favourite and it seemed she was gonna win this won. Then just when my turn started Judge calls time and I could Bring Down a Claydol just in time for Game.


 5th Round vs Jonathan A. with Gallade/Machamp

 A new player wich I had never seen before. He told me he was only playing for 2 months and this was his first Nationals. We both started crap he showed me his hand full of energies and a Machop. I started with a Pachirisu and nothing. He had to start and did 40 Damage on my Pachirisu. I got 3 basics out ASAP. Afte he took 3 prizes I finally had something and he only had a Machamp. I got out my Gardevoir but no Scramble energy >_< I attached Double Rainbow and passed. He got a Machop on his bench and a Ralts and then did 90 to my Gardevoir. I killed his Machamp but he had a new one for me in his hand wich he Candy'd on hix next turn. I finally got a Scramble Energy on my dusknoir and that pretty much gave me Game.


6th Round vs Mathijs Moree with Empoleon

 I was surprised to see him doing so good on nats this year so I congratulated him.
I started really slow and he went fast like hell. He played Duskballs, Masterballs and Pokedex. The only 2 Supporters he played were 2 Team Galactic Wagers just so that Gardevoir couldn't Telepass for anything he said. So he outspeeded my BIG time.


 Top 16

Me vs Lennard W. with Garchomp/Togekiss

 First Game

 He didn't had anything so I won after Koing 3 Gible.

 Second Game

I noticed that he didn't really had anything again and that made him a bit sad.
He kept using Push Down and attaching energy hoping to get something. So I
cheered him up a bit and we had some laughs. After winning really easily because
he didn't had anything I promised I would give him a Booster because this wasn't that
much of a Match.


 Top 8

 Me vs Anna Shipper with Empoleon

First Game

Finally I could take revenge for kicking me out of the Top 8 in 2005 at Nationals. The first Game I had a really fast setup so I started to take some prizes. But Mid-Game she came back because of a well timed Omastar. She first played Warp Point then
Omastar to devolve my Gallade, Gardevoir, and Claydol. Because of this Gallade and Claydol were KO’d and left me with 2 Kirlia. But I had a briljant move in my mind.
I evolved my Active Kirlia with 2 Energy to a Gallade and my Benched Kirlia to a Gardevoir. I used Telepass and a Celio to get up my Dusknoir. I attached Cyclone Energy to my Gallade to send Empoleon with a Scramble to the Bench then used Dusknoir’s Power to send it back to her Deck. Then I attacked with Gallade leaving her stucked with 2 Phione and a Prinplup so she folded.

Game 2

She got everything going and I got nothing…….

Game 3

We both took a prize really early. All of a sudden Judge calls time. I had a Gallade Active and she had an Empoleon she retreats it for her Omastar and attached an Energy to it. Then she plays Wager…… I won the Wager and got the 2 cards I needed. A Energy and Moonlight Stadium. She Attacks me with Omastar making me switch to the Bench but I had a Dusknoir wich I could retreat for free. So then I asked her really nice….Anna if I have a Moonlight Stadium and a Energy I win the Game right……. :-P She like yes So I showed her the two cards for Game.


Top 4 Yesss I got my Invite to Worlds

Game 1 vs Arco (again)

I had such a crappy start he owned me…. >_<

Game 2

Really close game but a timed warp point gave him Game. GG Arco

So I came in third place going 7-2 got a trophy a box and an invite.

See you at Worlds 2008 ;-)





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