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Raichu's  Room
Two Battle Reports
April 25, 2007

Friday evening Pia picked me up at home. After a little relaxing we drove of to Hannover (Germany). During the ride we had lots of fun and laughs about nothing…

After a 4 hour road trip we finally arrived at the hotel. Me en Jeroen Robert started playtesting right away. We playtested until 2.30 in de morning. The next morning we had some breakfast and took off to the tourney. It was just around the corner, but when we arrived their the store was closed>_<. So we called the TO and he told us it was in an another store. So we jumped in to a taxi and rushed over to the right place.

Luckily we where just in time cause they had some problems with the TOM system (the first time TOM is good for me).

So their where only like 17 people in total. They were going to play 4 rounds of swiss best of three and then a Top 2.

I went my good old MexiNite ;-)

First Round
Me vs A German guy (sorry don’t know your name)

Game 1

As usual I get a crappy setup the first game…. I try to make something out of it but I couldn’t so I lose.

Game 2

I got this major setup and started taking prizes very fast. Still he kept bugging me with
Vileplume d using it’s power he kept throwing heads >_<. I was starting to get sick of it. So I got myself a switch and just Latios* the thing away for the Game bahahaha.

Game 3

We had a few minutes left… He got 2 Crobat Ex on Turn 2 0_0. I got this awesome Turn 2 Metagross and discarded 2 energy… then the judge calls time.


Second Round
Me vs Jeroen Robert *coughmirrormatchcough*

Game 1

I got a decent setup unlike Jeroen… He didn’t had anything after a while he scoops.

Game 2

We both got a decent setup both he took the first prize so fast I couldn’t get anything up fast enough…. I hate you Jeroen <3 hahaha ;-)

Game 3

1 minute left tik tak tik tak….. Sudden Death OMG >_<. I got the better setup and took his Castform FTW.


I felt bad about beating Jeroen but he’s my friend and I told him to meet me in the Finals.

Third Round
Me vs A German guy (sorry don’t know your name either)

Game 1

I only saw Ralts and Kirlia this was over rather quick….

Game 2

Same as the first game but this time I saw a Aggron Ex (then I just Lugia Ex).
Ow and he took a prize cause he got the Gardevoir d out and Black Magic to kill my Holon’s Castform.


Fourth Round
Me vs Daniel Cohen (The Austrian Champ) *caughmirrormatchcaugh*

Game 1

He didn’t played the Mew POP 5 and I did. That kinda helped me to take some easy prizes early game. After that a still had a Latios* ready for him.
Game 2

Just like game 1 he had two Dratini’s prized so he could get his Dargonite’s out fast.
I turned to a hot battle after all when he got his Metagross DX. I killed his active Metagross DS with my Mew POP 5. When I did he responded with his Metagross DX cause Mew has weakness. We started trading prizes until he had 2 left and I only had 1 prize. So I look at Daniel and show him the Switch, Lugia Ex and the Holon’s Castform. He laughs and congrats me with the Win.


Top 2

Yes Jeroen made it in

Me vs Jeroen In the Final

Game 1

His setup is great but mine even better. I started with a Lugia Ex OMG >_<.
I don’t have to tell were this is going right? He owned the living daylight out of me.

Game 2

He got a really good setup. I look at Jeroen and he doesn’t look happy. I saw his setup and agreed with him why he was looking so pissed. We started playing and I’m taking prizes like a maniac. And all of a sudden….. Just calls time >_< I had 1 prize left just one turn would lead to a Sudden Death….. Ah well I congrat Jeroen and tell him tomorrow it’s my turn ;-)

So I got Second that’s OK since a friend of mine won I can be proud of him.

After the tourney we went back to the Hotel picked up the car and Pia prepared us for a 5 hour road trip to her place in Belgium. On the road we had some Burgerking and some in between stops for drinks. When we finally arrived at Pia’s place (after a 5 hor drive) Me and Jeroen started playtesting again. I was playtesting a lot with my little Poke brother Fred cause he has his Nationals in a week. Fred got to bed and me and Jeroen were playtesting until 3 in the morning (he has Nationals in a week to).

The next morning we woke up and Pia’s husband had made us this amazing breakfast. Pancakes, Coffee, Orange Juice and Toast. 0_0. After that he drove us the the tourney.

We arrived their and I only saw 9 people -__- So I asked the TO are their coming more players and he said no this is it.
Ah well I took my MexiNite again and started playing.

First Round
Me vs Kristel

Game 1

Before the match started she’s all like you probably win this cause my deck has a match-up against your MetaNite. And she was right I started taking prizes cause my setup was like T2 Candy!! Metagross Candy!! Dragonite OMG…….

Game 2

She gave me a hard time with her Cacturne d and Jolteon Ex and this litlle pesky Absol Ex but I had a Lugia Ex to cover for it. But still the Battle Frontier got me stuck like 2 turns. Good for me a had a Metang who was going to evolve into Metagross DX to take my last prize.


Second Round
Me vs Jeroen >_< not again…. He played MSN

Game 1

I got this really cool setup…… So did Jeroen and Scanblast the crap out of me.

Game 2

Lugia Ex start >_< I shake his hand.


Third Round
Me vs Mathhew Great a Senior

Game 1

Crap start plus 2 Dratini’s prized >_<

Game 2

Good setup and he got a decent one as well. Too bad I love my Mew POP 5.
And his Steelix Ex didn’t.

Game 3

Dratini start >_< but I had a Mentor on my hand and plenty of other stuff. But I only needed the switch. I had to start attach energy thundershock flip…. Heads ! his Castform is paralyzd. He draws gives me the turn attaches and gives me the turn.
I topdecked the Switch OMG! So Mentor and switch for some setup. It was going good until.. I couldn’t get my Metagross DS. So I started to take his Castforms with my Metang. I finalyy topdeck my Metagross DS. So from their I take some more prizes. He finally gets a Steelix Ex and shoots my Metagross DX. Still have 1 Dragonie left. I had a Dratini, Dragonite, Lugia Ex, Holons Castform and a Switch in my hand. I need Rare Candy to win. Top deck…… Candy!!! XD. Matthew looks sad I shake his hand and tell him come on at least your 1st in your category ;-).


So their were only 3 Rounds I’m the best 2-1er so I win the tourney.
Jeroen goes 2nd :D (See told you buddy that it was my turn) ;-)

Pia thanks for EVERYTHING
Jeroen we had fun buddy
Fred my litlle Poke brother (he won in his age category)
Lugia EX
The Battle Road Promo


No slops this time

Thanks for reading my Tourney Report







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