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Blaze's Banter
Pokemon World Championships
Unseen Forces Pre-release
Event Date: Sunday August 21, 2005

9.12.05  Sorry I’ve been away for so long. We stayed in San Diego for Sea World and stuff and my boys have been extremely busy with their Football schedules and now back to school. Yay maybe I’ll get some more time to write! To view all the neat pictures I took of Shamu and Worlds go here:


So I enter the 1st flight of Unseen Forces on Sunday morning at the yellow tables. It was announced that there would be 5 rounds and mixed age groups. Since the prizes were 4 booster packs each no matter how well you placed the pot was sweetened to have the Yellow tables 1st place winner play against the Blue tables 1st place winner for additional prizes. Also it was announced that you could use the Pre-releaase Bayleef card in your deck. I would have to estimate that there were at least 50 people in each flight. My son and I sit down with Professor Donphan from Italy and his daughter to open up the 6 boosters:

This is what I ended up drafting from the 6 booster packs of Unseen Forces. I actually got a great Pokemon line but my Trainers were a bit weak, and of course I pulled no Pokemon-Ex like always happens to me at any Pre-release.

Pokemon - 16
1 – Tyrogue
1 – Hitmonchan
1 – Hitmontop
2 – Mareep
1 – Flaffy
1 – Ampharos
1 – Shuckle
2 – Corsola
1 – Smoochum
1 – Jynx
1 – Cleffa
2 – Clefairy
1 – Clefable

Trainers - 5
1 – Energy Recycle System
1 – Pokeball
1 – Energy Root
1 – Potion
1 – Energy Switch

Energy - 19
6 – Lightning
4 – Water
3 – Psychic
3 – Fighting
2 – Grass
1 - Boost

The Corsola lets me pull either of my Fighting types or the Jynx depending on what baby I have out. The Baby evolution to either Smoochum to Jynx or Tyrogue to Hitmonchan or Hitmontop is key. As evolved basics, they grant the additional abilities which really are key in draft. I included the only Shuckle I pulled because it really is great against Pokemon-ex and the Double Poison really hurts your opponent.

Round 1 vs. Denise Barlock

It doesn’t matter what large scale Pokemon event I attend I always end up playing either one of the Barlocks or Gymbo. But that’s cool as they are very nice people. I choose to play 1st and start with a Tyrogue. I play Pokeball and tell her that this flip will determine the game as I am holding Boost and a bunch of energies and no other Pokemon in sight. I hit the heads and search for the Hitmonchan. I attach energy to the Tyrogue and pass. She lays another basic and attaches energy to the bench. Second turn I play the Boost and to her surprise I ko her active. Buy Turn 4 I have Hitmonchan attacking for 50 a pop and she runs out of basics.

W: 1 - 0

Round 2 vs. Ben S.

Ben is another East Coast player that I have known his Father and little bro for ages it seems. Also Ben’s little bro Geoff won 2nd place this weekend in the World Championships in the 10 and under age bracket. Congratulations to Geoff. This is where Corsola came in handy. I was able to search out what I needed and got the Hitmonchan combo up and running and ko’ing his basic Pokemon. Ben was unable to get out any evos. and I end up winning by benching him.

W: 2 - 0

Round 3 vs. Sharif

Sharif is from Cali. and also had a player in the 10 and under representing from his Gym. So it was definitely an exciting time Sunday with the Top 32 underway. On to this match Sharif had a really good deck and was using the new Magcargo that can be either Fighting or Fire type. The game was going back and forth until I was able to build up my Ampharos and was able to ko the Magcargo. I then used Amphy’s Energy Connect and Energy Switch to get a pumped up Hitmonchan active and started beatdown with that.

W: 3 – 0

Round 4 vs. Alex

Alex came to Worlds from Virginia. I cant remember what deck Alex drafted and was using because I was able to get a 2nd turn Clefable and was attacking for 60 on Turn 3 with Extra Comet Punch and dishing out 60 a turn for only 2 energies is extremely crazy in draft format. So guess who won?

W: 4 – 0

Round 5 vs. Jimmy B. (Banginbox)

Jimmy is yet another person that I play whatever big events I go to. Jimmy’ son also did very well in the 10 and under division this year so Congrats to him. Jimmy beat my son in the draft earlier in the day so this is my revenge. Ha-Ha. Once I got the Corsola, Tyrogue, Hitmonchan combo, pounding for 50 a turn, Jimmy basically conceded. As there was no diference between 1st and 2nd place he just folded and said good game. All I saw was a bunch of different colored basics on his side so I wasn’t sure what he had going.

W: 5 – 0

So I came in 1st place in the Yellow division and then ask the judge if I am going to play the Blue winner. But since there is a huge turnout for all the Unseen Forces flight and our flight got done later than the Blue so the match was canceled. I did find out that Stephanie Barlock won the blue flight. I caught up with her later to play for fun but she said that she already took her deck apart.

On the way out I was able to catch fellow Pojo’er Jaeger and get this photo op with him:



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