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Blaze's Banter

Pokemon Professor Cup Challenge
Origins Gaming Convention
Columbus Ohio Convention Center
July 1st, 2005
96 Pokemon Professors

This was it, the big day in Pokemon Professor history.  The 1st ever Pokemon Professor Cup Championship held by Nintendo.  And what a day it was.  The event was free of charge which was nice but what was even nicer was that every Professor received 10 boosters of Emerald to eventually build their 60 card deck.  I say eventually because the format was like this:

Rounds 1 + 2: Open 6 boosters and build and play with a 40 card deck and 4 prize cards.

Rounds 3 + 4 :  We were given another 2 Boosters and with all cards from the 8 Boosters total, build and play with a 50 card deck and 5 prize cards.

Round 5, 6, + 7 : We were given another 2 boosters and with all cards from the 10 Boosters total, build and play with a 60 card deck and 6 prize cards.

There was another cool part – The Judges.  The Judges were T-Tar666 (Chris Fulop who has already won a trip in the 15+) and 4 kids (Vince “Meganium-45” 2 kids, Taylor (A World’s finalist last year), and another girl (Sorry I forgot your name).   They all had on the cool looking 2005 Pokemon National Judge’s Polo shirts.

So like I said before we drafted from Emerald and eventually could use cards from all 10 of the Emerald Packs.  I didn’t keep track of each deck that I had from the 40 or 50 card decks but I can give you a list of the final 60 card deck that I built.  Also out of the 10 Emerald Boosters that I received I pulled a total of 3 Trainer cards:  2x Scott and 1 Double Full Heal.  Oh boy.

Pokemon - 26

2 – Feebas
1 – Milotic
2 – Snorunt
1 – Glalie
3 – Luvdisc
2 – Spoink
1 – Grumpig (Teleport Blast)
1 – Grumpig (Psypunch)
3 – Numel
2 – Camerupt
2 – Gulpin
1 – Swalot
3 – Volbeat
2 – Illumise

Trainers – 1

Double Full Heal

Energy - 33

9 – Water
7 – Fire
7 – Grass
6 – Psychic
2 – Multi
2 – Double Rainbow Energy 

Oh and another cool thing was that the energies that were provided all had the 2005 Pokemon Professor Program stamp on them.  So there would be a total of 7 rounds and then cut to a Top 16 Booster draft I believe.

Round 1 vs. Vince Krekler (Meganium 45)

I face off with none other than the legendary Meganium 45.  Btw Vince was also serving as a Nationals judge this weekend.  All I remember about this match was that Vince was getting 1234567 heads in a row with his Pikachu paralyzing my pokes and took like 3 prizes.  I did manage to ko the Pikachu with Camerupt but then Vince took his last prize with a powered up Milotic on my Camerupt.  BTW, I did not yet draft the Double Full Heal to help me out.

L: 0-1

Round 2 vs. Matt Rollins

I remember getting Camerupt and Grumpig out and we were trading prizes back and forth.  But when I needed the flips I flipped tails 3 times in a row to lose the game.  That’s all I remember about this match.

L: 0-2

Round 3 vs. Aaron C (Waliken)

I felt real bad for Aaron because all game long he had an energy drought.  I was able to get up a lot of my Stage 1’s and just tore through his energy less Pokes for my 1st win.

W: 1-2

Round 4 vs. Jordan Hill

Jordan comes from a family of great Pokemon players.  I believe Jordan said that he has only been in the 15+ for a couple of weeks and is already a Professor with points.  Later this weekend Jordan would also go on to make Top 16 in the Pokemon National Championships.  Also his younger bro either won or came in 2nd in the 10+ under National Championship.  This game Jordan would not be as successful.  Jordan was able to build up a Grumpig but that is all he had.  I had a built Camerupt and on Jordan’s turn he had to flip a heads to paralyze my Camerupt.  He flipped tails and next turn I attach for the win.

W: 2-2

Round 5 vs. Charles C. (MP Birch)

I face off with yet another legendary Professor this time it is MP Birch.  Birch was also Nationals judge later this weekend and had his cool looking Nationals Judge polo shirt.  Birch only had 1 Doduo all game long and couldn’t get the draw or flips he needed.  I had a built Camerupt by Turn 3 and took out his Doduo.  After the game Birch autographed  one of his Reverse Holo Professor Birch card and gave it to me.  Thanks man!

W : 3-2

Round 6 vs. Abraham (Charizard Master Trainer)

I’ve seen Abraham before at other big events and he recognized me too.  This match went the time limit and was so much fun.  He had his Grumpig Teleport Blasting away and I had my Grumpig Teleport Blast too.  This match was so strategic going back and forth that the only reason that I won is that I had all of his Pokes except for Grumpig up to maximum HP damage that at least one hit on any of them would give me the game.  I used Feebas bench attack to hit a damage Poke on the bench and then time was called and I won on prizes.  Abraham is a real nice guy and it was a pleasure to play you.

W: 4-2

Round 7 vs. Shawn Gettys

So I am really excited now that I have won 4 games in a row and a win here would most likely place me in the Top 16 with a 5-2 record.  Shawn is a great player and has already won an invite and trip to Worlds.  Unfortunately luck changed on me in this game.  Shawn had 2 Rhydons and 1 Breloom built and all I had was basics to defend so he pretty much trounced me.

L: 4-3

So I end up 4-3 which I am still happy about since it was a winning record and I had virtually no Trainer cards to help me.  It was later announced that the Professor Cup Champion would get a free trip to Worlds and an invite to compete in the World Championship.  The Professor Cup Champion ended up being Shawn Gettys. So it’s nice to see that the person that beat me in the last round go on and win it.   Since Shawn already has the invite and trip, it was passed down to Steve Perucca from Colorado.  Way to go guys!

Stay tuned for Origins Report Part 2: The National Championship


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