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Vs. System

Bad Draws
by Ace28

February 23, 2005


Hey everyone! Today I am going to cut straight to the chase...after I tell a little story which means I should probably delete the first half of the sentence I just wrote except I am to lazy to move my mouse at the moment and right now I think it would be wise to stop babbling on about nothing :\. Anyways...I was sitting around playing a solitaire game on apprentice since I couldn’t get a game connection going (router = ubergay) I was play testing to see what I could make out of my opening hands to turn it into the best situation possible. Then it came to me, this is what trainers should be learning. They should be learning how to play a bad draw. They should not practice playing good draws since that would be very good for them to have. Playing bad draws allows you to eliminate some of the fear of getting a horrible hand. Learning how to play bad hands, in my opinion, will make anyone at least a little bit better.


So you are sitting in states, you shuffle your deck and draw seven cards. Your opponent wins the flip and declares that he/she wants you to make the first move. You are playing Magma by the way and have been play testing with it and realized you have been, for the most part, getting a relatively good winning percentage with it. But then, the worst happens (no, you do not have a sudden urge to use the restroom, however, that is a bad situation :\) you look at your hand and see Three Fighting Energies, Three Psychic Energies, and a Baltoy. Lady luck has just basically  backhanded you across the face and you are not taking a liking to this situation to well.

To be perfectly honest, this happens quite often to a lot of people. It’s not because their deck list is bad, it’s not because they are a bad player, it’s just because they drew a bad hand. It is as simple as that... What determines your likelihood of putting up a fight when your opponent gets a god hand is your decisions in this kind of situation. There is not much you can do if you continue to get no draw cards but, your goal now would be to catch up to your opponent with suffering least losses as possible. If you manage to not give up out of frustration and keep your focus it is only natural that you have a better probability of coming back. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you practice playing in bad situations, you will become a much better player all around. It is good practice to set up situations like this and play it out multiple times. Instead of relying on the god hand, expect the worst. Once you learn to play in bad situations, you should realize, that in turn you will become an all around better player.


Okay, now that you are practicing playing horrible draw hands, here are a few tips that may help for when you actually do start playing at those tournaments. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, etc.etc.etc. I cannot emphasize this enough. ALWAYS SHUFFLE. With that said lets move on to playing cards at certain times and here is an example to fit this...

Once again, you are at a states championship and playing Magma. It’s third round and you so far have gone two and oh :). Not to bad, now you are on your third round (like I just said :\) and notice immediately its going to be a mirror match. You know to win this you have to get set up faster. You make it to turn two and have a decent setup going. You have Zangoose active, a baltoy benched and a numel benched. Your hand consist of a Darkness Energy, Copycat, Mt.Moon, Magma Ball, and Reversal. Your opponent has six cards in hand. It’s obvious what to do but in what order? You will want to use magma ball to search your deck for pokemon. It could be Groudon, Claydol, Camerupt, or w/e you wish. You do this first to get rid of two cards from your deck(not shuffling Magma Ball back in and removing a pokemon from your deck) in order to remove them from the possibility of drawing. You pick one (Lets say Claydol). Now, it is up to you what you want to do. If you want to try and OHKO something for the win this turn don’t play the Darkness (as you will want to probably be using the Magma Energy) use the Reversal even though your opponent has no bench so you get rid of it and lose the possibility of drawing it and stick Mount Moon out there for the same reason. Now use Copycat and you will have a better chance of drawing the cards you need for that OHKO since you got rid of the possibility of drawing those other cards.

The lesson in this is this, Burning cards can and cannot work. If you get what you need and win the game its great. If you get nothing you need, you just wasted a few cards you will probably need later game.

Lets say you were not going for the OHKO since he had bench pokes or w/e. Play the Mt.Moon anyways since it will not help you out if he/she is playing Magma. Play the Darkness maybe so next turn you will be able to do some damage with some poke using Claydol’s power etc. Figure out for yourself if you will take the risk to pull out an early win or decide to play it out and rely on getting a better setup early game. Both ways can work, it just depends on your decision and what happens. I strongly advise you that if you are in a Mirror Match, have a decent hand, and notice your opponent has nothing but a Baltoy out, to start to setup and get ahead of him in the setup for an almost guaranteed win. However, its your decision and I sometimes do choose to go for the risky strategy.(Mostly, only if I am pretty sure ninety nine point nine percent sure to be kinda exact of winning by doing this. :\)


Remember, practice bad situations in all stages of the game, and not just the early game. Also, another way to add to this is play as if all your flips are all tails (or heads if it is not good for you) and try to make the best out of the situation. Oh yea...One last thing, SHUFFLE. :) Also, if you plan on going to Athens, Ohio, tell me and we can meet there etc. :P Until next time I write...later. :x


*Feedback is encouraged. PwN@adelphia.net

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