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May 4, 2009


Hey Eevee, I would like some help on this deck I have. I pulled a platinum empoleon one day and thought that it was crazy good and wanted to build a spread deck around it, so this is the current lineup of the deck

Empoleon 4-4-3 platinum
Empoleon lv.x-diamond and pearl
Palkia G-2 platinum
Palkia G lv.x-2-platinum
Zangoose-2 platinum
Manaphy-diamond and pearl

Cynthias feelings-3
Lookers Investigation-2
Bebes search-4
Roseannes research-2
warp point-4
pokemon rescue-2
Broken Time Space-2
dawn ball-2
great ball-2
luxury ball

Water Energy-17

The plan is to get palkia G doing 50 damage to the active and 10 to each pokemon, then keep on switching between palkia G lv.x and empoleon lv.x and they do 80 and 70 damage to any pokemon.  The only thing is the deck is slow, rare candies and claydol could improve it, but aside from that what else could be done?


 Hi! Eevee here once again for a deck review/fix! Today's I'll be looking at a water-sniping deck. Now, these are just my ideas. If you don't agree then don't worry about not using them. ^^ Also, Since you already know Claydol could help you out I'm going to bypass it in my fix. So, let's get started. First off I'll be looking at your Pokemon lines.They look  pretty good except for a few things. First of all let's add Golduck. (PL-29/127) It's Swim will let you do 30 for free or 30 on a bench for free if you're up against a water deck. No, I would suggest taking out Zangoose here (it's attack is good but overpriced) however, if you think you can move the energy around enough (which you should be able to between Golduck and your other Pokemon) then you can leave it in. That decision is up to you. Your new Pokemon list will be this:


Pokemon: (25)
Empoleon -x4-4-3 (PT)
Empoleon Lv.X -x1(DP)
Palkia G -x2 (PT)
Palkia G lv.x -x2 (PT)
Zangoose -x2 (PT)
Manaphy -x1 (DP)
Psyduck -x2 (PT)
Golduck -x2 (PT)


Next up is your trainer list. Let's take out Warp Point and add in a Dawn Stadium. It gives you the same effect but can be used every turn rather then just when you can pull a WP. Next up let's take out Dawn Ball and Luxury Ball. The second is a good card but you can only use it once so there's no real point in adding it. At least not in my opinion. Let's also take out one copy of Bebe and add in one copy of Roseanne's. You've got plenty of cards that can search for Pokemon while not many that can search for Energy; thus the swap. And last but not least let's add in two copies of Rare Candy and two copies of Bubble Coat. That should help against any Electric decks since this deck is 90% Water. That will give you this list of trainers:


Trainers: (23)
Cynthia's Feelings x3

Lookers Investigation x2

Bebe's Search x3
Roseanne's Research x3

Bubble Coat x2

Rare Candy x2
Great Ball x2

Pokemon Rescue x2

Dawn Stadium x2
Broken Time Space x2

And last but not least is your energy! You've already got the right ones so we'll just take out a few to make room for some of your new cards. And don't worry. You should still have plenty. Especially since some of your Pokemon can move the energy; which means you won't need as many.

Water x12

I hope I've helped in some way! Let em know if you'd ever like to get reviewed again! ^^ I try to review at least up to 5 decks a week so if you've got one send it in! ^^

Also, if you don't have anywhere to test your deck you could always visit my Online TCG league! You can find it here: http://psc-tcgleague.webs.com Have a great week!

Catch'ya later! ;D ~Eevee


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