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April 20, 2009

From: David
Subject: deck fix

....looking for some feedback on my deck idea as follows:

3 duskull
2 dusclops
3 dusknoir
1 dusknoir lvhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/mag-glass_10x10.gif x
2 Mewtwo
1 Mewtwo lv x
2 driftblim
2 driftbloon
3 roserade
3 rosalia
2 zangoose
4 cyclone energy
14 psychic energy
2 premier balls
1 luxury ball
3 bebe's research
4 poke' healers
3 rival
3 Lookers Investigation
2 Miasma Valley

...idea here is to get dusknoir out as early as possible to get the lv x stadium in play then follow up with bench beat downs using Roserade. Mewtwo adds a nice bang to take out the big guys otherwise. Comments?...input?


Hey! Eevee here for another deck fix! ^^ Today I'll be reviewing a Ghost deck! So, let's get started! *Looking through deck......Ooo..........* Ok! First of all let's go through you Pokemon lineup! Now, remember, these are only my ideas. You don't have to follow them but I think this will make your deck better! ;D


Let's take out Zangoose to start. It's not the best Pokemon and it's attacks aren't very good. Instead let's add in something to help get Dusknoir and Roserade up and out. I'm actually going to suggest a 1-1 Claydol line here. It's ability will allow you to swap around cards until you find the ones you're after. Ok, I also think you may find it helpful to add in an Azelf (LA-19/146). It's Time Walk will be perfect to help make sure you have all the cards you'll need. (Basically, when you play it from you hand to your bench you can swap any one card from you hand for any one from you prizes. And you can look at them too. ;D) You won't really be attacking but it could help you in future moves. So, that will give you the following lineup.


3 Duskull
2 Dusclops
3 Dusknoir
1 Dusknoir
lvhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/mag-glass_10x10.gif x
2 Mewtwo
1 Mewtwo lv x
2 Driftblim
2 Driftbloon
3 Roserade
3 Roselia

1 Baltoy (GE)

1 Claydol (GE)

2 Azelf (LA)


Next let's look at your Trainers. You've got a good lineup to start with; but I know of a few cards that will help boost what you've already got. First let's add in a Moonlight Stadium. (GE-100/106) It will let all of your Psychic Pokemon retreat for free. A nice addition to help out Dusknoir and Mewtwo. Let's also add in a Roseanne's Research. It will let you search for any two basic Pokemon or energy cards. That will help you find the right Pokemon as well. You could possibly consider adding in a Bubble Coat as well. It could help you in fending off Galactic or Drapion decks. That will give you the following.


2 Premier Ball
1 Luxury Ball

4 Poke' Healer+
3 Bebe's Search

2 Roseanne's Research
3 Rival
3 Lookers Investigation
2 Miasma Valley

1 Moonlight Stadium


Last but not least is the energy! First let's take out three of the psychic to give you room for the Trainers we added. You should be fine with 11. Especially considering you've got Moonlight Stadium. Let's also take out a couple of Cyclone energy. Once again, Moonlight's got you covered. Ok, now add in a couple of fighting energy for Claydol. Even tho Claydol isn't meant for attacking it would be a good idea to have the ability to attack as well. That will give you this.


2 Cyclone Energy

2 Fighting Energy

11 Psychic Energy.


There you go! ^^ You're deck should be even better now! You've got a really great base in it so I think you should have some pretty good matches with it! Watch out for Drapion Lv.X tho. Good luck and have fun! Don't forget that you can send in any deck at any time!


Catch'ya Later! ~Eevee


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