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April 14, 2009

Hey everyone! Eevee here for another review! Just as a quick note, I've decided that from now on I'll just be reviewing most tournament decks. I will still do my best to fix normal decks tho. Reason being is considering the fact that I don't enter many tournaments, I think I'd be better off reviewing competition decks rather then trying to fix them. It's not that I don't want to help; I just don't want to make things worse either. OK, with that said, let's see what we've got today.


This is an EXTREMELY tight deck. i don't think i can change anything else without breaking it. however, a second (in this case fifth) set of eyes never hurt. I am planning on running this deck this weekend at regionals.


without further ado:



3x sneasel la #120

2x weavile sw #40

3x charmander sw #82

2x charmeleon sw #46

3x charizard sf #103

1x sableye sf #48

2x skorupi sf #73

2x drapion sf #15

1x drapion Lv. X #123

2x uxie la #43



8x basic dark energy

4x fire energy

4x special dark energy



3x professor oak's visit

2x roseanne's research

2x moonlight stadium

2x looker's investigation

2x premiere ball

2x poke radar

2x rare candy

1x broken space time

3x bebe's search

2x night maintenance

1x luxury ball

1x memory berry


sneasel- disrupts the g deck and slows it down dramatically with rob: look at your opponent's hand and they shuffle all tool and technical machine cards back in their deck :)


weavile- power turns all your pokemon dark (if you want to). no energy attack to search your deck for and attach 2 dark (even special) to your pokemon however you like. free retreat


charmander- no energy for 10 (not your best starter)


charmeleon- does 20 and burns for 1; does up to 70 with 3


charizard- body turns all your energy to fire (watch out for dialga g x) turn him dark with weavile and do 120 if you have 2 special dark attached


sableye- too good not to use. t1 ohko 50 hp pokemon with special dark, or ohko gastly or duskull with basic dark, free supporter use, go first to ambush


skorupi- need to get to drapion. colorless attack for 10


drapion- for 3 energy does 60 without special dark and discards all special energy on the defending pokemon (this could cripple so many decks by itself that run special energys). no energy attack for 10 and paralyze


drapion x- attack not so good 4 to do 40 to active and 40 to bench and keep your opponent from retreating, but his power will poison on heads and they take 30 instead of 10. combo with charizard for 150


uxie- draw! draw! draw! also good to make your opponent power spray so they don't spray your drapion. 20 for 1 colorless that puts it and all cards attached back in your deck


energy- self explanatory 


roseanne's- use one to get your fire energy if you face dialga g

moonlight stadium lets all dark pokemon retreat free (weavile makes them all dark...)


memory berry- specifically for the dialga g match-up. attach to naturally evolved charizard to do charmeleon's flair tail to ohko dailga g x


Ok! This looks like a really good deck! I love how Weavile can let Charizard retreat for free! ^^ An excellent play! In my mind all of the plays seem to fit together exceptionally well! ^^ You've also got something to face off with all the G decks that you'll more then likely see. What I really like is that you can keep any Ghost decks scrambling to keep up with Weavile and dark Charizard. A good thing with some people using Gengar/Dusknoir in G-decks.


And I see what you mean about being tight. Hm... I can't think of anything major to add or take out so I think you're good to go. Be on the lookout for any Kingdra tho. Even changing Charizard to a dark type won't change it's weakness away from water. You may also want to consider adding in a Rainbow energy so that Uxie can attack as well as help you draw. ^^ Well, that's all I can see doing.


Pokemon: 4.7/5 - Great lines but you'll need to watch for kingdra. Also, great combo of Weavile/Moonlight!

Trainers: 4.7/5 - Looking good! Great job on picking trainers that work with your deck!

Energy: 4.4/5 - Possibly a few too many but I think it'll work great in your deck! ^^


Good luck this weekend! Please let me know how things went!

Catch 'ya later! ;D ~Eevee


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