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Darkrai, Regigigas, and Shaymin deck
April 13, 2009

Here is my deck, my problem is I've never beat My cousin so i need help I like to keep my Darkrai, Regigigas, and Shaymin in my deck anything else can go. I Try to Keep Grass,Water and Dark Pokemon in the deck so here is my deck .




7 Water

2 Ground

8 Grass

2 seal

4 Darkness

1 rainbow




2 Shaymin  38\127 Platinum

1 Shaymin 14\127 Platinum

3Turtwig 77\100 Majestic Dawn

3 Piplup 71\100   Majestic Dawn

2 Prinplup 44\100 Majestic Dawn

2 Grotle 37\100 Majestic Dawn

1 Torterra 30\100 Majestic Dawn

2 Regigigas 37\146 Legends Awaken

1Darkrai 4\106 Great Encounters

1 Darkrai 3\106 Great Encounters

1 Empoleon 2\100 Stormfront

1 Empoleon 120\130 Diamond and Pearl

1 Regigigas X DP30 Promo

1 Torterra X DP09 Promo

1 Darkrai X  DP19




1 Pokeball 113\127 Platinum

1 Rare Candy 10\17 Pop 8

1 Energy Gain  116/127 Platinum

1Team Galactic Mars 126\132 Secret Wonders

1 Team Galactics Wager 115\123 Mysterious Treasure

1 Pokemon rescue 115\127 Platinum

1 Pokedex 114\127  Legends Awaken

1 Speed stadium 114\130 Diamond and Pearl

2 Switch (Tons of em)

1 Pokeradar 133\146  Legends Awaken

1 Marleys Request 87\100 Stormfront

1 Cyrus Conspiracy 105\127 Platinum 

1Felicateys Drawing  98\106  Great Encounters

Sorry for mispelling stuff. Thanks


Yes my cousin has two decks, there both a mix of diffrent energys types but i know in one he uses eevees and the 3 legendary birds. However there all old ones. Thank you


Ok! Let's get this deck fix under way! first let's look through what you currently have first. Now, keep in mind I'll be helping you to take on as many types as possibles; reason being is because  you said your cousin uses Eeveelution decks as well as others. I'll also be trying to stay within your original deck as best as I can.


First of all,  let's replace the DP Empoleon fo rthe PL one. It's sniping attack will help you to take out any eeveelu's your cousin will be using.. (Such as Espeon's power that works from the bench.) It's attack can hit any pokemon for 70 damage; and it's not effected by weakness or resistance. That can OHKO most of the older eeveelu cards . Now, let's add in a Shaymin (Land) Lv.X if you have one. If not then they sell tins with them at Walmart for around $12. This will help you set up a better play in future turns. If you have a second copy I also suggest adding in another Torterra.

Personally, I'd take OUT the Regigigas. They take a long time to charge and they're very hard to retreat without help. However, it is YOUR deck so I'll leave them as-is like you requested. That should do pokemon-wise. Here's your new list.


2 - Shaymin  38\127 Platinum

1 - Shaymin 14\127 Platinum

1 - Shaymin Lv.X (PL 126/127 or the Tin Promo should do.)

3 - Turtwig 77\100 Majestic Dawn

2 - Grotle 37\100 Majestic Dawn

2 - Torterra 30\100 Majestic Dawn

1 - Torterra Lv.X (DP9 Promo)

3 - Piplup (MD - 71/100)

2 - Prinplup (MD - 44/100)

1 - Empoleon (SF - 2/100)

1 - Empoleon (PL - 26/127)

2 - Regigigas (LA - 37/136)

1 - Regigigas Lv.X (DP30 Promo)

1 - Darkrai (GE - 4/106)

1 - Darkrai (GE - 3/106)

1 - Darkrai Lv.X  (DP19 Promo)


Ok, now let's look through your trainer list. First of all, you NEED to add either two-three more copies of Rare Candy or a Broken Time-Space (PL-104/127) stadium. Having both Empoleon AND Torterra (Both stage 2 pokemon) means that you've got to find a way to evolve them ASAP. Ok, next, let's take OUT Cyrus. It IS a goof card but that space is better used on something that you can fully use. Same with Energy Gain. In fact, legally, you CAN'T play this card with your deck. EG can only be played with an SP pokemon which you don't currently have in this deck. Now, pokemon searching wise, I like Poke'Radar war better then PokeBall. It's a card that does NOT require a flip so I think you should swap out Poke'Ball for either another Poke'Radar or a Poke'Dex; I'll let your play style determine which card you swap tho. Next, if you're going to keep Regigigas you NEED four copies of switch. So, let's swap Cyrus and Poke'Ball for 2 Switch. You may want to add in another Pokemon Rescue as well. It will help you get back any lost pokemon.



4 - Rare Candy 10\17 Pop 8
4 - Switch (Any set)

1 - Pokemon rescue 115\127 Platinum

1 (or 2) - Pokedex 114\127  Legends Awaken

1 (or 2) - Pokeradar (LA-133/136)


1 - Team Galactic Mars 126\132 Secret Wonders

1 - Team Galactics Wager 115\123 Mysterious Treasure

1 - Marleys Request (SF-87/100)


1 - Speed stadium 114\130 Diamond and Pearl


Next, let's talk energy. Your deck is pretty complicated when it comes to energy. Normally you'd be fine going with Darkrai, Torterra, Empoleon, and Shaymin as your main Attackers; but adding in Regigigas really throws you energy wise. Two of it's three energy requirements are completely off from the rest of your deck. (If you have problems with energies this is more then likely why.) So, let's see what we can do. First of all let's add in some Rainbow. This will help you get the right kind of energy. OK, now take out some Water. You should be OK with only 5. Now take out one Steal and one Ground. The Rainbow should help cover this.


5 - Water

1 - Ground

8 - Grass

1 - Steel

4 - Darkness

4 - Rainbow Energy


Ok, in all I think you're main problem is trying to use too many strategies at once. I think you would do allot better against your cousin if you fine tuned what strategy you wan tot use and go from there. For example, Darkrai's specialty is to cause a constant special condition; which would work well with the new Galactic poekmon that get boosted when your opponent has a special condition. Where as Shaymin's specialty is to work form a hand that's full of energy while boosting bench pokemon as it's attacking; which would work well with cards that allow you to draw several times per turn. You've got the right idea when it comes to good cards; now you just need to learn how to use those cards together effectively. (And I know where I speak. My first tournament deck had almost every Dragon Frontier card I could get in it. ^^;) You may also wan to talk to your cousin about it. An Eeveelu deck is a hard one to work with effectively. They might just give you the inspiration you need to build a World-class deck! If memory serves, the Legendary Assault world deck was built the night before the tournament; but it was also well built. ^^ Keep up the work and feel free to send in your next deck!


Catch 'ya later! ;D ~Eevee



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