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Phantom Bane
April 13, 2009

Hey Eevee! I want to thank you first for putting aside the time to review thjs deck for me, I really appreciate it. I took part in the league events as a kid, and I just recently got back into the whole thing. That being said, I guess I'll jump right into it...


Alright so the name might be a little lame! but its a killer deck in the making, and I think it rightfully deserves the title :)


Deck # 1: Phantom Bane


1 x Toxicroak G (PL 40)
2 x Weavile G (PL 17)
3 x Honchkrow G (PL 77)
2 x Crobat G (PL 47)
2 x Duskull (SF-59)
1 x Duskull (SW 86)
2 x Dusclops (SF-34)
1 x Dusknoir (SF-17)
3 x Gastly (SF 62)
2 x Haunter (SF 40)
1 x Gengar (SF 18)
1 x Drifloon (SF-SH1)
2 x Drifloon (SF 58)
1 x Drifblim (SF 16)
1 x Unown G (GE-57)


2 x Cyrus's Conspiracy (PL 105)
2 x Poke Turn (PL 118)
2 x Energy Gain (PL 116)
1 x Bebe's Search (SW 119)
1 x Luxury Ball (SF 89)
1 x Professor Oak's Visit (SW 122)
1 x Bubble Coat (LA 129)
1 x Looker's Investigation (PL 109)


1 x Darkness Energy - Special
5 x Darkness Energy - Basic (SW 129)
18 x Psychic Energy – Basic


So this deck was made to do two things: Wipe out pokemon on the bench before they can get into play and allow me to build a Blitzkrieg on my own. I also designed the deck so that the SPs would be able to work with normal basics and their evolved forms. I can send a drifloon out and use Linear attack, damaging any of the benched pokemon I see as a potential threat while powering up my Honchkrow SP for the knockout. The Poketurns steal a prize card from my opponent by scooping up a near dead Honchkrow or other SP Pokemon, and can also allow me to bring back Crobat SP if I need that Flash Bite damage to help me maximize the hurt with Target Attack. Energy Gains also help me with supplying heavy damage at a cheap cost. Both Haunter and Crobat can use poison and run (with poketurn), allowing me to do a maximum of 100 damage when adding imbetween turns and Toxicroak G's Deep poison. Gastly can prevent the opponent from using trainer cards with for no energy, and if I ever need to get a card from my discard pile, I can send out Drifblim and use Deliver (allowing me to return ANY card to my hand from my discard pile) while retreating it next turn for free. Both Dusknoir and Gengar can hurt opponents on the field and on the bench alike, thus creating leeway for yet another Honchkrow knockout. The ability to put damage counters on everyone is key in this deck - I can do up to 80 with dusknoir and 6 with Gengar (most stage 2 evolutions have powers), so they're my major knockout pokemon. Drifblim, with a 2 for 40 attack plus a coin flip to restrict retreat and possibly induce confusion is a worthy card. Beyond its ability to cause cheap damage, it also allows me to power up my hand. Cyrus's Conspiracy is a GENIUS card which can help perfect the above plan by retrieving evolution cards and Poketurns, so I can more easily prepare a ghostly beat down.


As for the cards I'm having trouble with, I wouldn't be hesitant in getting rid of toxicroak, as a simple retreat can rid the opponent of poison and the entire thing is a risky move. Getting rid of him would also rid me of Bubble Shield, and open up a space for a cyrus' conspiracy. I wanted to incorporate Skuntank G if I could, possibly a moonlight stadium to add potential to attacks without suffering hefty retreat costs. Other than that, I'm up for any suggestions.


Hey!! Eevee here for another deck review! Ok, let's look through your list...... *looking, looking*.......... =O Are you sure you need my help?!?! Yikes! This is one awesome deck already! It's probably one of the best Galactic decks I've seen!!! Fast set up and a hard hitter. Not to mention your trainer combos would drive anyone crazy!

Ok, well, since you've given us one heck of a good run through already I'll just skip ahead. Hm. Ok, first of all I suggest taking out a few Psychic energy. Having enough is good but I think you may have a few too many. 10-12, possibly 15, should be your maximum in my mind. That should also allow you to add in Skuntank and Moonlight Stadium. You might also want to look into Team Galactic's Mars or Team Galactic's Wager (Both from Secret Wonders.). It would help you swap around cards to find the G Pokemon you need and ruin your opponents hands.

You could also swap some energies out for a Rare Candy or Broken Time-Space (PL). (Which would help get Gengar and Dusknoir out faster.) Maybe also add in the Dusknoir Lv.X to round out it's abilities; if you have it. ^^;. Also adding another Gengar might help. Other than that tho, I really can't think of much to make this deck any better. I mean it seems to me like you've got pretty much every play thought out to the 0.000001% detail! ^^  Great deck! In my mind I'd give it a 5/5 Stars. ^^  You should be on the lookout for a Mewtwo Lv.X tho. Since most decks now have only BASIC Pokemon some people might try to meta-game them with M2's Poke'body. (Prevent all effects, including damage, done to Mewtwo Lv.X by your opponent's basis c Pokemon.)


Catch 'ya later! ;3 ~Eevee


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