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 Jermy's Junkyard
Blaziken Master Deck
March 8, 2006

Hey everyone. Welcome to my first deck garage fix. I figure to be fair I'll start with the first deck that entered my e-mail inbox, so here it is:


I hope you can help me with my deck. I started off with the Blaziken master deck, but found I just didn't get the Blaziken's out fast enough. I added in the Dragonairs I had from a Team Rocket returns deck to help, and I have been buying single cards with my pocket money to try and make it better (I am only 10 years old!). If you could tell me what cards I should look for, that would be great.


The strategy is to use Dunsparce to get out Torchic/Magmar ex/Dratini and stall with Magmar or use Dragonair's evolutionary light to get out the Blaziken evolutions.  Then use Firestarter to power up Blaziken and Dragonite.


Here is the deck:


1x Blaziken (Searing Flame/Damage Burn)

2x Blaziken (Firestarter)

2x Combusken (Quick Attack)

1x Combusken (Flare)

4x Torchic (Peck)

1x Dark Dragonite

2x Dark Dragonair

3x Dratini (Pound)

3x Dunsparce

1x Magmar ex


1x Rare Candy

2x Master Ball

1x Lady Outing

3x Wally's Training

2x Celio's Network

1x Professor Birch

1x Warp Point

2x Switch

2x Pokemon Retriever

2x Rocket's Mission

1x Rocket's Pokeball

1x Strength Charm

1x High Pressure System


14x Fire Energy

1x Electric Energy

1x Water Energy

2x Dark Energy

1x Boost Energy

1x Scamble Energy


I need to tell you that I live in England so we don't get the new cards as soon as you do in the USA.


Thank you very much for your help


Jak Stewart-Armstead


Not a bad deck for only being 10 years old. But first of all lemme just tell you that modified can only include cards from Hidden Legends on, so all the cards from before then will have to go.


Since Firestarter Blaziken is out of the format, and I don't like Emerald Blaziken much, I'll base the fix off of Dark Dragonite. So first we'll start with the Pokemon:


- 1x Blaziken (Searing Flame/Damage Burn)

- 2x Blaziken (Firestarter)

- 2x Combusken (Quick Attack)

- 1x Combusken (Flare)

- 3x Dratini (Pound) - I'll get to this later

- 3x Dunsparce

- 1x Magmar ex


And if we're basing it off of Dark Dragonite, might as well make it a 3/3/3 line:


+ 1 Dark Dragonair

+ 2 Dark Dragonite

+ 3 Dratini (Dragon Song)


The reason I added in 3 Dragon Song Dratini is putting the Defending Pokemon to sleep on the first turn of the game can really help you out, and 10 damage from Pound won't.


Now I'll add a 3/3 Dark Electrode line. Dark Electrode searches for Darkness Energy from your deck, so then Dark Dragonite can move them around. That way turn after turn you can use Electrode to search for more Darkness Energy. And since it can also search for Dark Metal Energy, we'll add those in too.


Now add in 4 Rocket's Sneasel ex. Those can be expensive to buy but are worth it. With a full bench of Dark Pokemon, Sneasel will be doing at least 90 damage, possibly up to 140!


Now for trainers. With no Dunsparce around we'll need something to search for Basics. Lanette's Net Search is great for this, since Voltorb is lightning, Sneasel is dark, and Dratini is colorless, you can search for all 3 at once.


Now we need something to search for evolutions. Rocket's Poke Ball comes to mind, since you'll be able to search for Dark Drags and Dark Electrodes.


Battle Frontier shuts down Dark Electrode's power and Dark Drag's power, so you need countergyms. Desert Ruins would be a good choice since Sneasel's maximum HP isn't over 90. Also add in a couple Scotts to search for Stadiums and/or Supporters when you need them.


Now for some draw. Copycat's my favorite card =) Drawing between 3 to 9 cards on average is too good. Add in a couple Rocket's Admin (can mess up your opponent's chances of coming back) and 1 Steven's Advice too.


Now for some disruption. Pidgeot is very popular these days. When a deck depends on it and for some reason it gets KOed in battle, the deck can fall apart. So, I'll add in 4 Pokemon Reversal. When you see one of the Pidgey family on the bench and can do enough damage to KO it, use Reversal, hope for a heads and bring it up, and KO it.


For Energy, 4 Darkness and 4 Dark Metal is a must, since Dark Electrode can fetch them with his power. Also a must is 4 Rainbow Energy. They can't be searched for, but they can act as Darkness or Lightning energy, whichever you need at that moment. And add in 4 R Energy for some quick turn 2 KOs with R. Sneasel. The deck now looks like this:



        4 Rocket's Sneasel ex
        3 Voltorb EM
        3 Dark Electrode
        3 Dratini (Dragon Song)

        3 Dark Dragonair (Evolutionary Light)
        3 Dark Dragonite


        4 Lanette's Net Search
        4 Rocket's Poké Ball
        4 Desert Ruins
        4 Copycat
        4 Pokémon Reversal
        2 Scott
        2 Rocket's Admin.
        1 Steven's Advice


        4 Rainbow Energy
        4 Darkness Energy
        4 Dark Metal Energy
        4 R Energy


Strategy: The basic DragTrode strategy. Get multiple Dark Electrodes and Dark Dragonites into play, use them to search for Darkness Energy and move them around and attack. If you start the game with Sneasel active, you may be able to do Drag Off on the first turn and bring up something from your opponent's bench, doing 10-20 damage to it. Then next turn attach an R Energy and finish it with Dark Ring for the KO.


Another trick you can do with Sneasel is move a whole bunch of Darkness Energy to it, then Drag off a weak basic from the opponent's bench for a KO. Basics often have 50 HP these days, so 4 Darkness or 3 Darkness/1 R on Sneasel should be enough for a sneaky KO.


Dark Electrode is another good attacker. You can move say, 1 rainbow and 4 darkness energy to it, attack for 70 damage, and move all the energy back to your bench. That way even if Electrode is KOed during your opponent's turn, you won't lose any energy. Good luck!


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