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 Jermy's Junkyard
"Liability" Deck
March 22, 2006

Here we have a look at the famous "Liability" deck.

Pokemon (24)

4- Koofing RR
4- Weezing DX

3- Bellsprout
1- Weepinbel
3- Victreebel
2- Pidgey
1- Pidgeotto
2- Pidgeot
4- Plusle

Energies (12)
5- Grass
2- Scramble
2- DRE
2- Heal
1- Warp

Trainers (24)
4- Celios
4- Candy
4- Dessert Ruins
3- Steven
3- Copycat
2- Swoop
2- Rockets Admin
1- Fluffy Berry
1- Retriever

If you want to try out this deck list

In the beginning of the game, you want to start off with plusle in your hand and put him as your active. Now say that you didnt start off with plusle play swoop teleporter to get plusle and thats why i put 2 swoop teleporter in my deck. When your using plusles call for family, focus on getting koffing and pidgey, 2nd turn as your getting a good set up on the bench use call for family again to get this time a bellsprout and one more koffing.

In mid game, if you have a victreebel and like 2 weezings and a pidgeot on the bench you need to focus on getting the fluffy berry and put it on victreebel so he can retreat every time making it much more consistent. Also play dessert ruins when your opponent has an ex card out dont put it down foolishly because if you put it down first your opponent will then put down a card like battle frontier. So put dessert ruins when your oppoent has ex cards out. Using weezing never use its second attack because thats not part of the strategy at all use only its first attack.

In ending game if you have a victreebel line in your discard but yet they arent in your deck play pokemon retriever to get those cards back and dont pick weezing because if there arent anymore victreebels left in your deck thats an autoloss for you right there. Warp should only be needed when you need to switch like if a pidgeot uses clutch on a victreebel and he cant retreat use that card at the end.

Problems im having are getting the setup cuz i mean my guys seem to lack on damage with out the weezings liabilty. So i was wondering if you could look it over and make it better thank you ^_^.

The deck looks good. I think only a couple things could use fixing. First you would probably be ok with only a 3/3 Weezing line, because we'll add more Pokemon Retriever later. Add 1 more Weepinbell, cause I don't think you're safe with only 1 of the stage 1. Add a Victreebel LM too. That thing's power is awesome. Gust up a Pidgeot, Liability KO it, and now your opponent has a hard time searching for stuff. 

The energy does seem a little low, so you could add 1 more DRE and 1 more grass. You shouldn't need fluffy berry so you could discard that. But the deck is still 62 cards, so I think the swoops has to go. Swoop is good but probably the least important thing left in the deck. The deck now looks like this:

Pokemon (24)
3- Koffing RR
3- Weezing DX
3- Bellsprout
2- Weepinbel
3- Victreebel RG

1- Victreebel LM
2- Pidgey
1- Pidgeotto
2- Pidgeot
4- Plusle

Energies (14)
6- Grass

3- DRE
2- Scramble
2- Heal
1- Warp

Trainers (22)
4- Celios
4- Candy
4- Dessert Ruins
3- Steven
3- Copycat
2- Rockets Admin
2- Retriever

Sorry if the fix isn't perfect, but I haven't played a game of Pokemon since August. lol, doesn't that remind you of that commercial? Where a guy that seems like an expert gives advice to someone else, and then that person asks the expert something like "Wow, are you an astronaut?" And then the expert says "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

Anyway that's true what you say about the Pokemon in the deck lacking in the damage department, but I think it's ok since Weezing should be your main attacker, and OHKOing whatever comes his way. Victreebel's attack is alright too, doing 70 damage over 1 turn (60 with a DRE).

Good luck with the deck!


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