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Metal Gear!
May 2, 2011

20 Pokemon
4 Scizor Prime
4 Scyther UD(checked with reader, it's #36)
3 Klingklang BW

2 Klang BW
3 Kling BW
4 Skarmory UD

26 Trainers
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
4 Cheerleader's Cheer
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Elm's Training Method
3 Rare Candy
1 Fisherman

14 Energy
4 Special Metal Energy
10 Metal Energy

*This deck is made for after the rotation*

Point of the Deck is to use Scizor as the main attacker, setting up with Skarmory. Klingklang can move energy off of an injured Scizor, I scoop him up, and make active another Scizor, moving the energy to him. Basically a revolving door of Scizors. I'm a little worried about the low HP, what with expert belt out of the game. Draw power has severely suffered, and I find it hard to get Klingklang out in a timely manner. Originally I tried switch and seeker too, not sure if I should go back to that or incorporate a Blissey Prime healing engine.

Also, I just started playing a while ago again for the first time in almost a decade, and I'm happy to see the Deck Garage around again! Thank you for your time!




Thanks for sending this in! Klinklang is definitely a pretty interesting card, so let's see what we can do.


The Pokemon look fine; I have one change in mind, but I'll get to it later. The Energy seem a bit low for my tastes, but then again, I tend to add too much energy to my deck, plus you have a Fisherman, so I'll leave it up to you. So, let's start with the Trainers/Supporters.


I really like the Collector/Communication/Elm's Training Method core. I think that it's probably going to be a staple for most evolution decks post-rotation. That said, you're best off maxing out both the Collector and Elm. To that end, we're cutting out all the Cheerleader's Cheer. You mentioned that you were unsatisfied with your draw power, and this probably doesn't help, but to be honest, Cheerleader's Cheer is not the way to go about adding draw to your deck. There are draw cards that draw you more cards, and don't have such a potentially horrible drawback, like giving your opponent some draw power.


Speaking of better draw cards, after maxing out Collector and Elm, we have two open slots, and in those slots, I think that you should add in a couple of Engineer's Adjustments, which draws you an extra card, and only requires you to discard an energy. To add even more draw, we'll cut all the Professor Oak's New Theory for Professor Juniper. Not only does Juniper draw you an extra card, but it also requires you to discard your hand. This doesn't sound like a benefit, but you mentioned not being able to get Klinklang out fast enough, and part of that might be that by using PONT to fix a bad hand, you're probably shuffling a lot of junk back into your deck, making it less likely for you to draw into what you need. You might consider adding in a 2nd Fisherman to get energy back, but for now, I'd recommend adding a single Seeker, just to have an extra way to heal.


Finally, there's the Pokemon, which as I said above, I only have one change in mind: Drop a Scizor Prime. The thing about tanking Pokemon is that you don't really need 4 of them, because if all goes to plan, you shouldn't need 4 Scizor. What to add in its place, however, is much trickier. Personally, I'd add another basic Metal energy, but really, there's quite a few options you have, whether you want to add more Engineer's Adjustments, Seeker, maybe a Switch, or anything else you might add. It's up to you.


Really, though, I think the best advice for this deck is to be patient. I like the idea as it is now, but it can be much better with some of the cards that were cut from the Japanese B/W set. In particular, Cheren lets you draw 3 cards, like Cheerleader's Cheer, only with no downside. And Max Potion lets you fully heal one Pokemon, provided you discard all energy attached to it, not a problem for your deck. Just be sure to keep that in mind.


Cards to remove:

-4 Cheerleader's Cheer

-4 Professor Oak's New Theory

-1 Scizor Prime


Cards to add:

+3 Professor Juniper

+2 Engineer's Adjustments

+1 Pokemon Collector

+1 Professor Elm's Training Method

+1 Seeker

+1 Metal Energy


Resulting in:

19 Pokemon
3 Scizor Prime
4 Scyther UD(checked with reader, it's #36)
3 Klingklang BW
2 Klang BW
3 Kling BW
4 Skarmory UD

26 Trainers
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Pokemon Communication
3 Professor Juniper
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Professor Elm's Training Method
3 Rare Candy

2 Engineer's Adjustments

1 Seeker
1 Fisherman

15 Energy
4 Special Metal Energy
11 Metal Energy


And that should be it. Thanks for reading, and good luck!





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