Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Team Rocket Returns




Game Type:                  Pokémon Trading Card Game

Format:                        Trading Card Game

Launch Date:                November 8, 2004

Players:                        2

MSRP:                         Pre-constructed decks - $10.99, Booster packs - $3.29


Game Summary

Pokémon TCG: EX Team Rocket Returns blasts into play with the newest Pokémon cards yet – Pokémon !  Featuring a new type of holographic foil treatment and new artwork, only ONE of these powerful cards are allowed in a deck at any time.  Their surprising game play abilities will be sure to help – if you can catch them! The new Jessie and James theme decks allow players to unleash the ruthless Dark Pokémon on their opponents and also use some of Team Rocket’s trickier tools to help their side win! EX Team Rocket Returns features over 100 new cards, including 10 new Trainer cards, new Special Energy cards, new Pokémon-ex and the exciting Pokémon !  A special Box Topper Bonus card is also available.  The expansion remains compatible with previous releases.



¨      Over 100 new cards

¨      New Dark Pokémon

¨      All-new Pokémon cards

¨      All-new card art

¨      New holographic treatment