Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Battle Stadium




Game Type:                  Pokémon Trading Card Game

Format:                        Trading Card Game

Launch Date:                October 18, 2004

Players:                        2

MSRP:                         $21.99


Game Summary

Enter a whole new world of competition!  Pokémon TCG: EX Battle Stadium allows intermediate players to advance their skills with this self-contained Pokémon set.  EX Battle Stadium features two pre-constructed decks highlighting powerful Pokémon favorites, Blaziken and Gardevoir.  An all-new 16-page strategy guide provides the latest tips and tactics, including the secrets of 2-on-2 Battle.  Four 10-card sideboards enhance the tactical experience as the strategy guide uses those sideboards to teach players about deck building strategies.  This box set contains everything needed for immediate play, and remains compatible with previous releases.



¨      Self-contained box set contains all elements for immediate game play

¨      Two 60-card theme decks, including 2 holographic foil cards (Blaziken and Gardevoir)

¨      Four10-card sideboard packs

¨      160 cards total, all from EX Series

¨      16-page Strategy Guide

¨      Game coin, damage and special condition counters and full-size playmat