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For Immediate Release

August 3, 2009

Ultimate Gaming Hideout Announces Ku-Mighty, The New Collectable Game by Richard Garfield

Legendary game designer returns to the genre he made famous by developing Ku-Mighty, a new collectable game for kids 10 and up with trading cards and unique, previously unseen elements.

NEW YORK — August 3, 2009 — Ultimate Gaming Hideout« (UGH!), a new gaming venture dedicated to creating fun games for kids of all ages, today announced the creation of Ku-Mighty«, the first collectable game designed by legendary game designer Richard Garfield in more than ten years.

            Ku-Mighty is UGH's first game, and features a mix of fast-paced play, unique game mechanics and a rich background story told through the game itself and other planned outlets.

            “We approached Ku-Mighty to create a game unlike any other collectable card game, and to create the kind of game we'd want to play with our kids,” said Todd Housel, co-founder of UGH!  “It's strategic and fast-paced, and a game takes about 20 minutes from set-up to finish, but lends itself to hours of repeated, fun play.” While the mechanics are accessible for kids 10 and up, kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the strategic possibilities coupled with elements of chance.

            “It was an exciting project for me as a designer,” noted Richard Garfield, whose credits include Magic: The Gathering«. “With Ku-Mighty, we're giving the gaming world something brand new in terms of gameplay, and a highly detailed and engaging story to boot.”

            Ku-Mighty uses collectable cards and figures as elements of gameplay. Each game mixes strategy and luck to create a different game scenario each round. The game's story is an epic tale set in the not too distant future weaving the entirety of human history in a fantastic pop Sci-Fi tale, creating a rich tapestry for the unfolding adventures in the Ku-Mighty universe.

            UGH! plans to extend the Ku-Mighty story with an animated series.

            The game will be sold in Starter Sets and Booster Packs, MSRP TBD, at fine game and hobby stores worldwide.

About Ultimate Gaming Hideout:

Founded by Scott Housel, Todd Housel and D. Scott Collins, Ultimate Gaming Hideout is dedicated to creating games for kids and families of all ages to play together combining fun, strategy and story.




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