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Nanovor, the battling monster game from newly launched company Smith & Tinker, was released today. The game, created by Jordan Weisman, is live online and products are now available at retailers including Target, Toys 'R Us and Best Buy. Please see below for the news releases that were issued today. If you are interested in an interview with the founders, or need artwork, please let me know.


Players Connect, Collect and Battle Nanoscopic Monsters at Nanovor.com
BELLEVUE, Wash. – August 3, 2009 – Smith & Tinker«, a company reinventing play for the connected generation, today announced the launch of its flagship game, Nanovor. Nanovor delivers the first-ever hybrid gaming platform that bridges the gap between online digital entertainment and offline play.
The Nanovor experience begins with the Online Battle Game for the PC, available now as a free to play download at www.nanovor.com <http://www.Nanovor.com> . The game, designed for 7-12 year old boys, lets kids collect and battle their Nanovor online. Nanocash, the game’s virtual currency, lets kids expand their collection by buying online booster packs of more monsters and by trading their Nanovor with friends. Beyond the battle, Nanovor encourages kids to improve their logic skills by playing an included puzzle game to evolve Nanovor into new species. Kids are empowered by the game’s many facets as they discover and share strategies to battle their teams to victory. The Online Battle Game is also available in a retail pack, including a limited edition figure or comic book, game disc and $10 in Nanocash. The retail pack can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $10 at major retailers including Amazon.com, Best Buy and Toys ‘R Us.

Later this year, Smith & Tinker will introduce the Nanoscope, a handheld digital gaming device that lets kids take their Nanovor play offline. With the Nanoscope, kids can battle face to face with friends, and play solo-games to further enhance their collection of monsters. Players can download their PC based collection onto the device via a USB connection. Kids can connect up to four handhelds for head-to-head combat, making it possible for battles to occur anytime and anywhere. Monsters literally jump between screens as each battle is played out with thousands of awesome combat animations. All play on the Nanoscope is recorded on the device, allowing kids to upload progress to their online account providing a cohesive online and offline play experience. The Nanoscope and Solo Battle training cartridges will be available at mass market and online retail stores this October.

Nanovor is based in a rich fictional world where nanoscopic monsters, known as Nanovor live and battle inside computers.  They ruled our still-molten Earth, long before any other species could survive. As Earth cooled and the atmosphere became oxygen-rich, the silicon-based Nanovor slipped into deep hibernation for billions of years. In 1958, when silicon was embedded within a computer chip and electricity pulsed through it for the very first time, the Nanovor sprung back to life. Fast forward to present day. Lucas Nelson accidentally discovers these tiny monsters living inside his computer. With the help of his high school science professor, he uncovers the fact that the Nanovor must fight in order to produce the adrenaline necessary to avoid going back into a crystallized state. As fate would have it, Lucas has stumbled onto what Smith & Tinker believes will be the next boys’ monster battling mega-hit.
“Nanovor combines compelling online entertainment with the first truly connected toy,” said Jordan Weisman, founder and CEO of Smith & Tinker. “Until now the only way kids could tie their offline experience to the Internet was through a simple code that would unlock a component online – that’s it. We are taking a next-generation approach where online play enhances offline and offline play enhances online. Nanovor merges the highest tech available in the toy aisle with traditional collectible card games, bringing the game to life with a social experience and dynamic fictional world.”

The immersive Nanovor experience expands beyond the game into numerous forms of entertainment for kids. Each week new Nanovor mini-cartoons will be aired online expanding the story of Lucas and his friends. Illustrated comics, a graphic novel and a Nanovor field guide will be released throughout 2009. To view the first available Nanovor webisodes, please visit http://www.nanovorvideo.com.
The Nanovor community features extensive security measures to ensure a fun and safe play environment. Parents can manage their child’s online experience through the selection of chat preferences and options to control and review their child’s in-game activity.
To explore the world of Nanovor and begin playing, visit www.nanovor.com <http://www.nanovor.com>

Former Disney, Hasbro, and Microsoft Executives Create Battling Monster Game Combining the Best of Online and Offline Play
BELLEVUE, Wash. – August 3, 2009 – Smith & Tinker«, a company reinventing play for the connected generation, today announced the launch of the company and its first game, Nanovor.
Smith & Tinker is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Jordan Weisman, creator of the mega-hit PC gaming franchise MechWarrior and former creative director of Microsoft Xbox. The company merges the best elements of a toy company, video game company and entertainment studio to create cohesive interactive entertainment that spans between kids online and offline lives.

In a related announcement, Smith & Tinker announced the launch of its first product. Nanovor introduces kids to a rich fictional world where nanoscopic monsters, known as Nanovor, live and battle on silicon chips deep inside computers. Nanovor uniquely integrates a multi-player PC title with a handheld digital gaming device called the Nanoscope. This next-generation game seamlessly integrates online and offline play experiences, encourages face-to-face interaction, and enables kids to play anywhere and everywhere. Kids can collect, train and evolve hundreds of Nanovor, constantly developing new strategies to lead their teams to victory! The game is available as a free to play download from www.Nanovor.com.
The innovative game play and integrated content is the result of Smith & Tinker’s handpicked team from across the video game, toy and entertainment industries. Smith & Tinker is led by former executives from Disney, Microsoft, RealNetworks, Cranium and Hasbro. The company’s investment partners are an elite group of leaders with deep experience in Smith & Tinker’s industry. The group is highlighted by Vulcan Capital, the investment arm of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen; Randy Rissman, founder of Tiger Electronics and current founder of Leo Capital Holdings; Gilman Louie, former chief of Spectrum Holobyte and co-founder of Alsop Louie Partners; and Ryan McIntyre, co-founder of Excite and current co-founder of Foundry Group.
“Kids are drawn to online games because they offer new content every day, worldwide social engagement, and the ability to enhance the things they play with; a traditional toy just can’t compete,” said Jordan Weisman, CEO and Founder, Smith and Tinker. “While online games draw kids physically away from each other, there is still nothing more interesting to a kid than another kid in the same room, they just don’t know what to do when they get there. Our mission at Smith & Tinker is to create great online games that extend to in-person social play via smart toys and devices. What kids do online enhances what they do offline, and what they do offline enhances online play in a virtuous circle.”
Analyst research indicates that the physical toy market is being steadily overtaken by video games and kids electronics, illustrating a growing demand for dynamic digital content in children’s entertainment products. Today’s existing “connected toys” are in effect simply unlock codes for online experiences. These toys leave a gap between traditional play and online content because the experience happens on essentially separate islands; online and in the physical world. With Nanovor, Smith & Tinker has built a bridge between online and offline play, allowing kids to have a consistent experience regardless of how and where they engage with the game.
Former Vice President and General Manager of Disney Toys North America and current President and Co-Founder of Smith & Tinker Joe Lawandus said, “In addition to integrated online and offline play the Nanovor product line will be complemented by a full slate of entertainment including animated weekly webisodes, illustrated comics, a graphic novel and field guide. Nanovor is illustrative of Smith & Tinker’s 360 degree approach to kids entertainment and play. Depth of story and game play are critical to our successful creation of great brands for kids.”
More information on the company is available at www.smithandtinker.com <http://www.smithandtinker.com> . To explore the world of Nanovor, visit www.nanovor.com <http://www.nanovor.com> and to view the initial webisodes, visit http://www.nanovorvideo.com.
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About Smith & Tinker
Smith & Tinker is reinventing play for the connected generation with innovative hybrid games that bridge the gap between online digital entertainment and classic offline tabletop play. Smith & Tinker aims to encourage social interaction and play among kids whether they are in the same room or across the globe. Founded in 2007, Smith & Tinker is led by executives from some of the world’s top brands including Microsoft, Hasbro and Disney. More information is available at www.smithandtinker.com <http://www.smithandtinker.com> .


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