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Nanovor Give-Away


We are giving away 3 cool Nanovor game pieces for the new Nanovor Battling Game:

- A Starter Kit with Limited Edition Figure (and $10 Online Credit)
- A Nanovor Limited Edition Comic Book with DVD and $10 Online Credit
- And a Limited Edition Wave 1 Figure (Doom Blade).

A winner will be picked at random on Friday the 13th! November 13th that is.

To register to win, you simply need to make a post in the Nanovor Give-Away Thread in our new Nanovor forums:


Also, please vote in our poll ... Should one person win it all? Or should we pick 3 different winner to split the loot?

Good luck!

Thanks to the Great Folks at Nanovor for the prizes. Check out their site here: www.nanovor.com



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