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Epic TCG Card Preview:

Graft-Steel Overlord

By Darwin Kastle

Haven’t tried Epic? Download the free demo decks and rules from EpicTCG.com.

 Let’s meet a powerful rare champion from the upcoming Epic TCG. Reader, I would like you to meet Graft-Steel Overlord. Mighty overlord, I would like to introduce you to our dear reader.

You may have enjoyed meeting him, but your opponent sure won’t. This powerhouse can rough up the competition and break their champions.  He’s a killing machine all by himself, but combine him with a couple constructed cards in your hand and he can dominate a game.

                 His offense of 10 makes the overlord hit extremely hard. With players starting with a score of 30, losing 10 in one attack is a big blow. 

Hitting your opponent hard is nice, but taking out their champions can be even better.  This powerhouse has two abilities that allow you do to just that.  On his own, the overlord can expend to deal 10 damage to a champion, which even in Epic is enough to take most down.  He can do this as soon as he hits play, so he frequently scores his first kill the same turn you play him.

The real back breaker is when you use his reveal ability. Just show your opponent two constructed cards from your hand and the overlord smashes a champion for 10 damage.  You can use this reveal ability over and over until you have broken every single one of your opponent’s champions. Ouch!

                In Sealed Pack it’s tough to get enough constructed origin cards to use his reveal ability reliably. Even so, a heavy hitter that you can expend to bash a champion for 10 is quite solid. If you are fortunate enough to get an overlord early in a draft, a deck with lots of constructed cards is more of a possibility.

 The Overlord is most exciting in a designed deck (a deck built from the cards in your collection).  Build a deck consisting mostly or entirely of constructed origin cards and he can own the board for you or be a key component in a game-winning combo.  What combo you ask? Have fun looking through the set when it comes out, because I’ll never tell!

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