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Pojo.com News:


Our new website is almost here!  yugiohmint.com will be operational January 15 as we say good bye to mikeloda.safeshopper.com which we enjoyed for the last 7 years online.  mikeloda.safeshopper.com will shut down permanently January 15, 2008. 

Most procedures will stay the same on the new site, so that you will be familiar and comfortable using the new site, but we have a few new features I am sure you will like, which we were unable to do with our old site.

Here are a few of our new and improved features of yugiohmint.com:

1. faster loading with streamlined and optimaized software (code-crunched).

2.  onsite picture-based search engine.  A new state-of-the-art search engine we developed ourselves which will show you all item pictures which match your description and the power with one click to enlarge the card to read it.

3. Automatic shipping cost update of your shopping cart so you can see your shipping cost before finalizing checkout.  This will work internationally as well! 

4.  Automatic detection if credit card will fail or not - gives you 3 attempts to fix the problem, and then 24-hr lockout. 

5.  Credit card is immediately processed on checkout completion.

6. easy add/delete/increase/decrease of items in your cart before you get to check out, AND the ability to change them during step 1 of checkout as well!

7.  Automatic paypal checkout and soon to follow, google checkout!

8.  improved security with double SSL https protection, military 128-bit encription of secure information, password protection, data destruction of secure information on time-out so your data is not stored in cyber space forever (all companies except us have this - patent pending - YEAH!), cookie-based spyware, virus, and kelogger detection of suspicious activity on your computer so that you do not inadvertantly send your data out to someone else besides us (yes again!  patent pending!  Why don't those big companies have this or think about it!?!) and finally, our small company only has the owners looking at information instead of those other companies who have employees looking at your vital information!

As with all new systems, there are bound to be a few minor bumps along the way, so if you see any, let us know, and we will give you a 10% coupon just for trying our new site, and a small FREE gift!  And if everything goes smoothly, and you cannot find any problems, we will give you the coupon and free gift anyway, just to say thanks for being a loyal customer.  The free gift and coupon are available until January 31, 2008.

The discount coupon code is: 10pct (case sensitive, enter into the coupon box at checkout, step 1 just like the old site).


We should have CHAMPIONSHIP 5 single cards for sale a few days after we have our new site up and running smoothly.

Thanks, and have a fantastic new year!


Michael A. Loda

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