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Zenith of the Hive Booster Series Launches April 9


To Support Momentum for Groundbreaking Game at Comic and Hobby Shops,

TC Digital Games Kicks Off Chaotic “Passport to Perim” Demo Days


New York (April 8, 2008) – Following the successful launch of the Dawn of Perimď series, 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: KDE) and its subsidiary TC Digital Games LLC, will release the highly anticipated Zenith of the Hiveď Booster Series for the Chaotic Trading Card Game« at comic and hobby stores across the U.S. and Canada beginning tomorrow, April 9th. Additionally, in support of the growing momentum behind this groundbreaking new collectible trading card game with free multi-level online game play, TC Digital will launch Chaotic “Passport to Perim” Demo Days at select comic and hobby stores across North America this month.


Zenith of the Hive introduces new game mechanics and features new army powers including Infection, Disarm, Defender and Element Proof as well as new twists on existing powers such as Invisibility and Hive.  From the summit of the mountain, from the depths of the reservoir, from the fortifications of Mount Pillar, the officers of the Hive congregate before their Queen, Illexia.  To her minions she reveals the secrets of the Parasites that will bring the Danians unimaginable power.  The other Tribes of Perim prepare for the worst as the dawn dissipates and gives way to the…Zenith of the Hive.


Zenith of the Hive incorporates 100 new Chaotic cards into circulation, including 35 Creatures, 10 Battlegear, 20 Attacks, 10 Locations and 25 Mugic™.  Each pack ($3.99 MSRP) includes nine cards with two rare foil cards and one in three booster packs will include a Parasite Token Card to track the hive’s infestation.


In addition to the release of Zenith of the Hive, TC Digital Games is planning to launch Chaotic Passport to Perim Demo Days, a series of sponsored events taking place at over 50 comic and hobby stores across the U.S. and Canada. Designed to generate excitement around the Chaotic brand within the hobby community, stores will be able to host Demo Days supported by custom-designed resources that encourage players to learn about Chaotic and begin playing the game. Activities include Chaotic demonstrations, gameplay with other players, exclusive or rare Chaotic Trading Card giveaways, and exciting prizes. In the coming months, these events will expand into official Chaotic Hobby Leagues and Online Tournaments launching at comic and hobby stores nationwide.


“We look forward to continuing to build the momentum that has been growing for the Chaotic Trading Card Game within the comic and hobby community since its launch last October,” said Bryan C. Gannon, President and CEO of TC Digital Games.  “The new Zenith of the Hive booster series will undoubtedly thrill devoted Chaotic fans with fantastic new storylines and thousands of new deck-building possibilities, as well as kick off the Passport to Perim Demo Days that will create a whole new audience of Chaotic fans.”


Chaotic is the first property specifically utilizing patented technology to seamlessly integrate trading card game play with interactive Web-based functionality and an instructive animated television series.  Using this technology, each Chaotic Trading Card is enabled with a unique alphanumeric code that allows Chaotic players to upload their personal card collection onto the Chaotic Online Game at www.ChaoticGame.com for no additional cost.  Additionally, the destination features three-on-three game play functionality, a Web-based trade sector that allows users to trade their Chaotic cards online with other players as well as web-based messaging and forum discussions.


Complementing the Chaotic Trading Card Game is the Chaotic animated TV series, which airs daily on the Jetix block of Toon Disney and Saturday mornings on the 4Kids TV block on FOX stations nationwide.  The series has been the top-rated Saturday morning show for Boys 6-11 on broadcast television and scored season-high ratings in several other key demographics during the past few weeks.  Additionally, the Chaotic animated series is a hit in Canada where the show is the network’s #1 ranked program among Boys 2-11 (A.C. Nielsen 9/3/07–1/19/08) on Teletoon.  The series follows the adventures of a group of teens that are fans of the Chaotic Trading Card and Online Game.  By watching the animated series, viewers can discover battle strategies that will ultimately help them master Chaotic for both online and offline gameplay. 


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