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Are You Ready for Real-Time Action?


Upper Deck Announces the

all-out assault of the

Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game


Based on the Blockbuster Video Game Series!

Features Never-Before-Seen Real-Time Card Game Engine!


CARLSBAD, Ca. (April 18, 2008) – All fire fights, all the time! Upper Deck today announced the first major World War II card game, the Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game. Based on Activision’s award-winning Call of Duty« video game series, the new two-player “real-time” card game will storm hobby and retail stores across North America this fall. Debuting a first-of-its-kind gameplay where players react instantly to their opponent’s moves, the Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game is fast, fun, and highly strategic. Visit www.CODcardgame.com for more information.


“Upper Deck is very excited to enter into a new market with the Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game,” said Jeff Donais, Director of Game Development at Upper Deck. “We’re creating the first major World War II card game by combining the popularity of several of the biggest Call of Duty titles with a card game featuring a brand-new, real-time game engine that’s sure to enlist a whole new card game audience.”


Featuring signature tactics and missions from previous World War II installments of the Call of Duty series, including Call of Duty«, Call of Duty« 2 and Call of Duty« 3, the Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game brings the first-person action perspective to the table top. The card game thrusts players into the conflicts of World War II, allowing them to customize their own squads using specialists like demolition experts, paratroopers and snipers to defeat their enemies. Unlike traditional trading card games, the Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game is extremely fast-paced – players simultaneously fire, take cover and move around the battlefield.


The Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game will be available in eight different Squad Decks, each representing a particular army: American, British, Canadian, French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian. Squad Decks feature three unique types of soldiers from a specific country, supporting “class” cards for each solider and three country cards. Squad Decks are playable right out of the box, so once a player selects which country they want to represent, the battle commences. Players can also customize their decks by mixing and matching soldiers and class cards from other Squad Decks. Each Squad Deck will also come with a collectible, two-sided battlefield game map and two specific mission cards.


For more information on the Call of Duty Card Game and other Upper Deck products, visit www.CoDCardGame.com.



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