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Bleach Preview Card
March 4, 2008

The fine folks at Score have sent us some preview cards from the next expansion of the Bleach Trading Card Game: Bankai.  Here's a peek at the 3rd card:


U-93, Ichigo - Looking to Spar


Bleach TCG Unleashes Bankai


February 8, 2008 Arlington, TX – Score Entertainment, a leading manufacturer of premium trading card games, is unleashing the ultimate power of a Soul Reaper with the Bleach TCG’s fourth release, Bankai.


Bankai is a 278-card expanded set featuring all-new starter decks and an updated rule book making it a great entry point for players and collectors. This huge set is composed of 85 commons, 75 uncommons, 60 rares, 4 ultra rares, 20 promos, 6 hi-tech cards and the 13 card Soul Society Briefing subset featuring Squads 1, 6, 8 and 13. This is the first set in the Bleach TCG to feature Echo Cards, 15 original Bleach voice actor autographs, and can be found in every other box of Bankai.


Each pack has a suggested retail price of $3.29 and contains ten random game cards (one rare, three uncommons and six commons). Starter decks retail for $11.99 and come with a 70 – card pre-constructed deck, two hi-tech guardian cards and two bonus booster packs.


Bankai includes the conclusion of the Soul Society story-arc, in which a stronger and more powerful Ichigo demonstrates a new resolve to save Rukia from certain death. With countless battles and unexpected twists and turns, will Ichigo rescue Rukia in time? Get ready for battle, as nearly every Captain of Soul Society gets involved in the fight.


For the first time, characters team up to form Dual-Character Guardians to take on bigger threats. Many new Bankai abilities are introduced for guardians, both new and old, who have achieved this ultimate form of power. This expansion also introduces the first keywords in the Bleach TCG with “Aggressive” for those characters who are quick to attack and “Defensive” for the characters who are more protective.


The Bleach TCG, whose license is granted by VIZ Media, is scheduled to release the Bankai expansion set in April 2008.  For card previews, message boards, tournament schedules, card libraries and more visit www.OfficialBleachTCG.com. For more information on BLEACH go to www.bleach.viz.com.



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