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April 18th - 2007

Bleach TCG site comes online:


Score Entertainment officially launched the www.OfficialBleachTCG.com  website. On this site, viewers can download and watch the demo video, the demo cards and read more about the upcoming trading card game on sale in May. In the coming weeks, the website will continue to rollout. Readers will be able to visit the message boards, see the events schedule, learn about the wrapper redemption, become a judge and more.




www.urban-rivals.com moves to the next level!

Coming out of a great first year on the web, the MMO trading card game "Urban Rivals" introduces a new version of its website: www.urban-rivals.com. Among the many new features, the most exciting ones are: the new background, the improved navigation and the long awaited advanced cards management tool.

The game interface was also improved: the screen is now much bigger, allowing players to enjoy the great backgrounds designed for the game but also the enlarged characters icons. On top of everything, it's now possible to instantly see the card of every character engaged in the battle, simply by rolling over its icon.

With this new and improved website, "Clint: Urban Rivals" is ready to seduce even more players and definitely become the number one web trading card game.

"Clint: Urban Rivals" is THE online trading card game. With hundreds of characters to collect and level up, the game offers each player the possibility to build his/her own team to challenge the other players. Registration is free and gives 8 cards. Afterward, players can trade cards or purchase new ones from the shop.

Clint Urban Rivals is:

- 180 000 players
- 21 millions games played
- Over 100 000 games played daily
- 6 languages and over 100 nationalities
- 1,5 million cards sold



Chaotic Trading Card Game:


Chaotic is the only trading card game that has a unique code at the bottom of each card thereby making no two cards alike even if they are the same creature. Taking the code at the bottom of each card you can log on to


and create a virtual deck allowing you to duel with anyone in the world. The best part is that this web portal is absolutely free.

The web portal along with the trading cards are scheduled to launch in the Summer of 2007.


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