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January 19th - 2007

California Woman Dies Trying to Win a Nintendo Wii

A 28-year-old California woman has died from a rare case of water intoxication after taking part in a local radio station contest to win a Nintendo Wii video game console.

KDND 107.9 was running a “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” competition in which 18 participants had to drink a 237-millilitre bottle of water every fifteen minutes, with the winner being the individual who consumed the most water without going to the bathroom. FullStory

Canadians spend a record $933 million on video games in 2006

Canadians spent a record $933 million on video gaming in 2006, up 22 per cent from the previous year.

The amount spent in 2005 for video game hardware, software and accessories was $765 million, according to figures provided by the NPD Group which tracks the industry. FullStory

World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade First Impressions

After I upgraded my account and downloaded some patches, I was ready to roll. Thing is, the highest character I have is a 53 Human Rogue. Thus, things like levels 61-70 and The Outland were inaccessible to me at this time. Since that’s pretty much half the expansion right there, I felt like I was already out $20. But then I remembered that Burning Crusade comes with two new races: The Dranei and Blood Elves. FullStory

Warcraft game sparks actual fight

Police were called in Germany after a fight between game enthusiasts swarming to get their hands on a computer game.

Three people were admitted to hospital and shop windows and furniture damaged in the fighting in a shop in Cologne.

The fans were desperate to take advantage of a special offer to buy the World of Warcraft game.

The store said supply exceeded demand and fighting broke out after they realised there were not enough copies of the game to go around. FullStory

New 'Warcraft' dungeons will challenge players

One of the best parts of "The Burning Crusade" expansion pack for existing "World of Warcraft" video game players is the number of new dungeons available to explore. In general, each 5-man dungeon is available to run in either normal or Heroic mode (running them in Heroic mode can get you tokens for extra gear rewards or even keys to higher level instances -- but it also has a 24-hour timer per instance). In general, 25-man instances are on a one-week timer, so once you've defeated it, you cannot repeat it until the week is up. FullStory

A solution for the Xbox 360 VGA failure?

Last year at CES 2006 we broke the news of CoolIt’s ground-breaking Xbox 360 Cooling. Back then, the plan was that engineers around the world would be trained in fitting the cooling system, which, if we’re honest looked a bit bulky and, dare we say, ugly, slapped on the side of your Xbox 360.

But this new version looks a lot smoother and though it’s still bloody massive, the whole effect is far neater. FullStory

Xbox 360 Toilet

It's got a flat screen HDTV, xBox 360, laptop, bullhorn, bike pedals, beer tap, fridge, and a 1.4 gallon flush!

According to Roto Rooter, the company responsible for the pimped out toilet, if there's a plumbling problem "We have the Roto Rooter emergency button so if something goes wrong you can hit that. That's sort of our version of On-Star."

A company representative has been quoted as saying, "If I had something like this I would never leave the bathroom".

A contest to win the toilet starts on January 24th on the company's web site. FullStory

"Towel trick" provides temporary fix to Xbox 360's red ring of doom?

If you think we took that indubitably unscientific "decibel test" with a grain of salt, then we're throwing down a few barrels with this one, but the sheer weirdness of this should encourage all bricked Xbox 360 owners to give it a whirl. FullStory

Man accused of selling stolen trading cards to original owner

Police said a Nanticoke man facing trial on a burglary charge didn’t know he was selling stolen collectible trading cards and comic books to the couple who actually owns the items.

Joseph Thompson, 39, of South Walnut Street, is accused of breaking into a home on East Ridge Street, owned by Joseph and Kristin Skipkoski, and stealing thousands of dollars of collectible cards and comic books on Jan. 2.

Thompson then wanted to sell the stolen items at Griffins Peak, a collectible trading card and comic store that is also owned by the Skipkoski’s, police said. FullStory

D&DŽ comes to D.C.

Among the highlights of the new D&D eXPerience in 2007:

ˇ Exclusive releases, including a “No Cameras Allowed” section that gives a glimpse into titles further in advance than has ever been offered before.

ˇ A D&D library featuring over 20 years of roleplaying game supplements, D&D Minis, core rule books, and novels from some of the world’s most popular fantasy authors.

ˇ LAN stations/Dungeons & Dragons Online

ˇ Special seminars with a behind the scenes look at how a D&D title is created from concept to publication.

For more information on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS or the D&D eXPerience, visit wizards.com.


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