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Pojo's Friday News Page
January 05th - 2007

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 Announced for PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 owners tend to be the envy of most anime fans, with lots of licensed titles hitting the system exclusively. Among those, Naruto is no stranger to the system, having several games appear on the PS2 in the last year. And, now we can add one more upcoming title to the mix...Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2. FullStory

Third Naruto Ninja Council for the DS

Tomy Corporation and D3Publisher of America announced today Naruto: Ninja Council 3 for the DS. Based on the hit anime series of the same name, the game allows up to four players to use interchangeable attacks. Special techniques can be activated by using the microphone or touch screen. FullStory

Play iTunes songs on your Nintendo Wii

Over at Shiny's Nintendo Wii blog, Wii Wii, the team is still finding new ways of using everyone's new favourite console. The latest is for playing music, courtesy of Dot.Tunes. FullStory

PS2 to Continue to Outsell New Consoles in 2007
According to analysts and Sega bossman

Hmmm, now do we really want to splash out on a PS3 just yet?Speaking to Business Week magazine, Simon Jeffrey, chief operating officer at Sega of America, damned Sony with faint praise, stating that "The PS2 probably has the capacity to sell more than any other gaming console”. FullStory



Action-Packed Series to Complement Multi-Platform
Chaotic Trading Card Game™ Launching in Early 2007
Series Begins on Saturday, January 6, 2007 at 11:30 a.m. (ET) on
4Kids TV (Fox affiliates nationwide)

New York, N.Y. (January 3, 2006) – Saturday mornings are about to get a little more chaotic as the highly-anticipated new TV series Chaotic officially rejoins the 4Kids TV lineup on FOX on Saturday, January 6th with 40 new episodes. Chaotic introduces viewers to a mythical trading card game that features tales of parallel worlds, incredible powers and fierce and fantastical creatures.

Anticipation has been building for the show, which was teased to viewers in September with a two-episode cliffhanger that left the show’s protagonist, Tom, trapped in the parallel universe of Perim, where the Chaotic trading card game, and all of its characters, have come to life. Following the sneak peek, 4Kids launched a Countdown to Chaotic campaign that has allowed kids to collect virtual Chaotic trading cards online at www.chaoticcode.com as they waited out Tom’s fate. Anyone who has collected these cards has a jumpstart on the Chaotic Trading Card Game that launches at comic and hobby stores in Spring 2007.

On January 6, 4Kids will re-air the first episode of the series, with the second episode airing on January 13. The all-new highly anticipated third episode will air on January 21. In the series, Tom and his friends discover that the Chaotic Trading Card Game they’ve been playing is a whole lot more than a game. They find that the unique codes on their trading cards are actually scans of real, living creatures with unique powers. The kids then use these fierce and fascinating beings to help further their gaming skills as they capture the codes of new creatures, new battle gear – even new locations -- in which to compete.

Kids will be able to have their own Chaotic experiences by playing the Chaotic Trading Card Game from TC Digital, LLC, a division of 4Kids Entertainment, debuting at comic and hobby stores this Spring. Each card has its own unique code that not only ensures that virtually no two cards are alike, but also enables kids to upload their personal collection of Chaotic cards to battle and trade online for free at the www.chaoticgame.com game portal. Through the TV series, viewers will be able to discover battle strategies that will ultimately help them master the Chaotic Trading Card Game for both on-line and off-line game play -- elevating the interactivity and engagement with kids to a level never before experienced in an entertainment property.


Premiere Date: Saturday, January 6, 2007 (Series Premiere)
Time: 11:30 a.m. ET

Channel: 4Kids TV (4Kids Entertainment’s four-hour programming block on Saturday mornings on Fox affiliates nationwide)

Three New Additions for Inuyasha TCG’s Keshin Edition

January 2007 (Arlington, TX) – Score Entertainment, a leading manufacturer of trading card games and collectible cards, announces three new additions to the Inuyasha Trading Card Game’s ninth set, Keshin. These include Feudal Voices, Players’ Choice and an exclusive set 10 Preview Subset Cards.

Feudal Voices are authentic voice actor autographs on specially designed character cards. There are six different Feudal Voices to collect including Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Sesshomaru, Shippo and Koga. Each case of Keshin will contain two random Feudal Voices cards.

Players’ Choice cards are autograph versions of popular previously released cards. There are three different Players’ Choice cards in Keshin including Halt!, Inuyasha (hidden rare) and Koga (hidden rare). Each Players’ Choice card is sequentially numbered, with the Inuyasha and Koga cards numbered one to 20 and the Sesshormaru card numbered one to 10.

A special 10 card preview subset based on the Inuyasha TCG’s following set will release in Keshin. Two of the 10 cards are alternate autograph versions. The set 10 preview subset cards are available only as Keshin case toppers and drop one per case.

“We are excited to offer such special additions to the Inuyasha Trading Card Game this year and feel it’s a great way to kickoff 2007,” said Deanna Cass Marketing Manager for Score Entertainment. “This allows a broader community of players and fans the opportunity to have genuine collectibles.”

Inuyasha TCG Keshin is scheduled to release in February, 2007. For card previews, 2007 tournament schedule, message boards and a list of where to get exclusive promo cards go to www.InuyashaTCG.com



EverQuest® II Developer Chat to be held at Sea!
(the online Digital sea, that is…)

EQ2 dev team members to chat with online buccaneers in Pirates CSG Online

This Friday at 4PM Pacific

Scott “Gallenite” Hartsman, Executive Producer
Jason “Dymus” Roberts, Lead Designer
Akil “Lyndro” Hooper, Design Supervisor
Chris “Archonix” Junior
Liz “Findin” Sigmund
Chris “Aeralik” Kozak

Special developer chat for the fans SOE, EverQuest II and the Pirates™ CSG Online. The team will field questions from players on the EQ2 live game, the recently released Echoes of Faydwer expansion, the in-game Frostfell celebration and maybe even a little hint at what’s coming down the pike for 2007.

Friday, January 5th

4:00PM PST

To participate in the chat, visit the Pirates CSG Online Website (www.piratesgameonline.com), and download the free game client. You can even hang out in the lobby before and after the chat to play practice matches with other players, or perhaps even a member of the EQ2 dev team!

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