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September 12th - 2005

When does Event Registration goes live?
Event registration goes live, this Monday, September 12th, 2005 at NOON, PST.  The Event Catalog will be visible and available for download on the morning of Monday, September 12th, 2005 at 6am PST.

New Schedule/Format for Gen Con So Cal
  • Thursday
    • Open Gaming
    • Upper Deck Pro Circuit Last Chance Qualifiers
    • True Dungeon – 6 pm to 10 pm 
  • Friday             
    • Exhibit Hall opens with extended hours: 10 am to 7 pm                     
    • Scheduled events begin – 8 am
  • Saturday          
    • Exhibit Hall opens with extended hours: 10 am to 7 pm
    • Scheduled events continue
  • Sunday
    • Exhibit Hall opens with extended hours: 9 am to 4 pm
    • Scheduled events continue and end at 4 pm
  • FAQ
    • Why is there a different schedule on Thursday?  
      Since we opened Gen Con So Cal, Thursday’s attendance has not been as high as the rest of the weekend.  We also noticed a greater trend in single day badge purchases and so we felt it necessary to work with our existing format in order to improve the overall performance of Gen Con So Cal.  A reduction to three days was proposed, but we decided to provide a day of open gaming in order to give you dedicated gamers a place to come and play with your friends, new and old, hence why we have open gaming on Thursday.
    • If there are events on Thursday, then why is there a 3-day instead of a 4-day badge?  How can I participate in Open Gaming on Thursday without a badge?
      We decided to adjust our badge price to reflect the new format and to save you money.  Our data from the past two years of Gen Con So Cal have indicated that Thursday events were under attended.  Data also indicated that single-day badge sales were much stronger than our 4-day badge sales.  Based on those statistics and feedback from our exhibitors and GM’s we decided to reformat the Gen So Cal schedule.  Open gaming does not require a badge.
    • Isn’t Gen Con the “Best 4 days in Gaming”?
      Good question.  We want GC So Cal to be the best four days in gaming, however, the format we chose has been less than effective.  Note the previous question for the reasons why we changed the format.  We are providing a location for Open Gaming on Thursday in order to support those of you who want to come in on Thursday.  We also know that since the format has change, the tagline must change.  We all know that Gen Con Indy is indeed “The Best 4 Days in Gaming”, and we intend to brand our Gen Con So Cal show in a manner that is appropriate for the format of this particular show.  For now, let’s call it as it is: Gen Con So Cal, “The best three days of structured gaming and one day of open gaming”.  
    • This is awfully sudden.  Why didn’t you let us know earlier?
      OK, that’s a fair question.  We’ve known about the format change for several months.  We sent an e-mail blast to attendees several months back and we altered our Exhibitor Information Packets so they reflected the new hours and changes.  We also added some very basic information on our website FAQ.  We did not, however, over-communicate this change and that is why some people are now feeling it is a sudden change.  There are several reasons for that, but suffice it to say, we dropped the ball and are trying our best to communicate it now.
    • Why should I come to Gen Con So Cal with all the changes?
      We have adjusted the format but the nature of the show remains the same.  We have over a thousand scheduled events, True Dungeon, the Exhibitor Hall with extended hours, open gaming, special media guests and many other wonderful things that you’ve grown to expect from Gen Con!
    • When will onsite event registration open?
      Event registration will open at 7 am on Thursday morning, November 17th, 2005. (Editors note: this may have to adjust depending on demand.)
    • When will scheduled events begin?
      Scheduled events begin on Friday, at 8 am.
    • When will the Exhibit Hall open?
      The Exhibit Hall will have extended hours.  Here is the schedule.  Friday:        10 am to 7 pm
      Saturday:  10 am to 7 pm
      Sunday:        9 am to 4 pm
    • Why is there a reduced schedule for True Dungeon?
      There are several reasons for the reduced schedule.
      • There is a limited TD volunteer pool to pull from.  Jeff Martin, of True Adventures, is looking for dedicated volunteers.  You can contact him at: Jeff@trueadventures.com
      • Many of the volunteers are tired after Indy or may not have vacation time in order to volunteer.
      • We don’t want to work the TD volunteers longer than 8-10 hours.  (We have a limited pool of volunteers for So Cal.)
      • In order to get True Dungeon built, Jeff needs time, and we could not get into the Marriott until Tuesday.  Normally, we are able to get in on Monday.
      • Strike (tear down of the set) must occur on Sunday since we do not have the hall on Monday.
    • If I want to participate in True Dungeon on Thursday, which badge will I need?
      There is no Thursday badge, so you can use your Friday badge, or your All Weekend badge to attend the True Dungeon on Thursday evening.
    • Who can I send my concerns to?
      Send your concerns to: CustomerService@gencon.com

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