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Pojo's Friday News Page
September 9th - 2005

DC HeroClix: Icons Releases

September 7, 2005 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., creator of the runaway hit games HeroClix® and Pirates of the Spanish Main™, is proud to announce the release of the newest DC HeroClix base set: DC HeroClix: Icons!

“DC HeroClix: Icons contains some of the greatest names in comic book history,” said Mike Samora, vice president of Sales and Marketing for WizKids®, “including Batman and Superman, who join the JLA and Titans in the fight against evil!” DC HeroClix: Icons features over 60 different figures from the DC universe, many of them more powerful than ever before!

DC HeroClix: Icons features a new Starter Set (MSRP $12.99) with updated rules and six unique figures not found anywhere else, a brand-new map, and four-figure Booster Packs (MSRP $7.99). Collectors can typically complete a set of DC HeroClix: Icons by purchasing less than one full case of Boosters.

Sensory Chip Provides Brains for the Next Generation of Intelligent Toys -- Hasbro's New FURBY Is First; Single RSC-4128 IC from Sensory Controls All Motor, Speech and Hearing Functions

There is a new wave of interactive toys ready to explode on the marketplace this fall, and they are arriving just in the nick of time for the holiday buying season. If it talks, hears and "understands" you, it is probably using an integrated circuit developed by Sensory, Inc., a Silicon Valley innovative force with over ten years experience in designing low-cost speech technologies into consumer electronics. Featuring highly accurate voice recognition, speech synthesis and command and control capability, Sensory's RSC-4128 integrated circuit is being utilized as the main brain unit for a new generation of low-priced interactive consumer products. FullStory

How a Geek Beat Vegas

Rolling Stone’s article and book review of Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids by David Kushner which encompasses the Magic: The Gathering card game phenomenon and multibillion dollar industry.
The story follows Jon Finkel and his rise as a Magic Player to Poker and Blackjack Player.   FullStory - Pojo's Review

Run for Cover: Dave Seeley

Creating Memorable Covers

When Boston-based artist Dave Seeley first saw the Imperial Star Destroyer fly across the theater screen in A New Hope as a teenager, little did he know that he would later be creating elaborate, lush illustrations for the same Star Wars galaxy.

"I was absolutely blown away at this new thing," Seeley recalls. "I was doing theater set design and building at the time, and considered going to work in Hollywood. I think if there had been a clear path for a high school kid from Massachusetts, I might well have gone that way. That first memory fuels an enthusiasm for any new Star Wars project that lands on my plate." FullStory

Golden Sun: The Lost Age(GBA) FAQ/Walkthrough

Brothers storm Pokemon game finals

SCHOOLBOY Sami Sekkoum has become the best Pokemon trading card game player in the country - and his brother Yacine isn't far behind.

The two brothers, of Ashbrook Road, Archway, defeated hundreds of other hopefuls from more than 30 countries at the world championships of the latest card game craze, based on the Japanese cartoon characters. FullStory

Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Dated in Japan
Nintendo to close of 2005 with a bang for Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl won't be hitting the DS until next year, but in Japan at least, Pokemon fans do have a lot to look forward to for 2005. In addition to the October Japanese release of Pokemon Torouze, Nintendo has announced a release date for Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon. Japan will get the game on 11/17. FullStory

Loved by the little monsters

Children are not safe in Japan. A thousand cunning creatures, from robots and smiling kittens to duelling, animated stag beetles, are vying to drag the vulnerable into their commercial clutches. The monsters that got my children are called Pokémon. Doe-eyed creatures that come in an assortment of primary colours, they lure the unknowing with helium-balloon voices, cuteness and special fighting powers. FullStory

Nintendo Prepares For Launch

Nintendo of Japan is getting ready to ship a quarter of a million units of the Game Boy Micro.

Nintendo of Japan has started preparing for the launch of the Game Boy Micro on September 13th, 2005 when the company will have 250,000 units of the new handheld to retailers and distributors. FullStory

Nintendo Enters Cellphone Market
Nintendo has given the rights to distribute multimedia to a Japanese company.

Nintendo has given the Japanese companies NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone the rights to distribute Nintendo themed media to mobile phone owners.

Both companies have been granted the rights to sell Nintendo screen savers, ring tones, wallpapers, and more for about $2 a month. In addition, a text message service has been included which will provide users with Nintendo news. FullStory

Ultimate Spider-Man
We get a hands-on play with the final version on the Nintendo DS. Our impressions and new screens right here.

Last year's Spider-Man 2 for the Nintendo DS was one of the more successful and noteworthy games in the system's launch library. But if our current play with Ultimate Spider-Man for the Nintendo DS is anything to go by, perhaps we may have been a bit too glowing in our review of last year's game when it came out. Ultimate Spider-Man is similar in design to Spider-Man 2 but the new game has clearly been given far more time in the oven, and given way more creative freedom in the action design. FullStory

Puppy love takes the US by storm following launch of Nintendogs
More than 250,000 copies of Nintendo's handheld pet sim sold in first week of release

It seems it's not just Japanese gamers who can't get enough of Nintendogs - more than 250,000 copies of the game have been sold in the US since it went on sale just five days ago. FullStory

Check out Atari's lineup of Dragon Ball Z titles.

Atari has recently been issued a press release indicating their release schedule for their slated Dragon Ball Z titles for multiple platforms.

“This is without a doubt our most exciting and aggressive Dragon Ball lineup to date, and represents a new era of collaboration between Atari, FUNimation and Bandai,” said Matt Collins, Director of Global Brand Management at Atari. “Our goal for the forthcoming Dragon Ball titles will be to ensure that the games remain authentic while simultaneously delivering innovation that will thrill and surprise fans and result in stand-out games within their respective video game genres.” FullStory

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