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Pojo's Friday News Page
September 2nd - 2005

A couple of interesting Yu-Gi card things happening on ebay this week that are worthy of note. Up for auction, was the Yu-Gi card Des Volstgalph.

As the auction stated...

This ULTRA-RARE HOLO CARD was AWARDED to Eric Wu (Comic Odyssey Team Member), the Side-Event Winner of the U.S. SHONEN JUMP YU-GI-OH CHAMPIONSHIPS that was held the Weekend of, August 20-21 in Indianapolis. This Shonen Jump HOLO DES VOLSTGALPH card is in MINT condition and comes enclosed in it's original casing...IT HAS NOT BEEN OPENED OR TAMPERED WITH.

Shonen Jump Championship Prize Cards have the lowest print run of any Yu-Gi-Oh card...only a handful of these are ever printed. Upper Deck & Konami only awards championship prize cards to the Grand Champion and Side Event Winners of each of the U.S. SHONEN JUMP CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENTS held in the U.S. Auction

Also on ebay:
RARE Card of Sanctity EP1-EN000 ONLY 100 MADE !! Auction

Yu-Gi-Oh! designer only 14
Good Things Happening

"All I needed was a pencil and my imagination," Tyler Gressle said.

Tyler is a creative 14-year-old from Burlington who received the chance to design his own Yu-Gi-Oh! card for 4Kids Entertainment Inc. through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. FullStory

Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour

Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour marks one of the last of the remaining games that made their debut at the launch of the Nintendo DS at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2004. It's taken more than a year for Konami to put the finishing touches on the company's dual screen version of its immensely popular card game, and though the game isn't a hugely overwhelming presentation other than offering a tighter and easier-to-follow interface, it's a decent effort on the Nintendo handheld. FullStory

Japanese Comics Invade; Can They Conquer?

It's invaded the comic book world and children's entertainment. But can manga make it at the movies?

Simply, manga (search) is Japanese for "comics." Dishpan-sized eyes, samurai-like movements and girls in microscopic miniskirts are a few of its tell-tale elements.

Technically, you can bring a Superman comic to Japan, and it will be referred to as "manga." But nobody's bringing Superman comics to Japan. And everybody's bringing manga to America. FullStory

D&D Online Q&A

MMORPG.com interviewed Turbine about Dungeons and Dragons Online. FullStory

LeBron watches his trading card being produced

At times, LeBron James acted like a kid in a candy store. He was, after all, a 20-year-old NBA superstar in a trading-card manufacturing plant.
James toured Upper Deck's headquarters on Wednesday, watching the many steps it takes to produce trading cards while accompanied by five fans who won a company promotion.

James even had the rare chance to pick the photo for his upcoming card in the NBA Sweet Shot series. FullStory

Inuyasha: Feudal Combat smacks the PS2

Bandai has smacked Inuyasha: Feudal Combat for PS2 to retail stores nationwide. Based on the hit TV-series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the fighting game lets users duke it out with their favorite characters from the show.

The game includes cell-shaded characters and 12 playable characters, including Inuyasha and the shape-shifter Naraku. FullStory

The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2, XB, PC) - Features and Screenshots

How would you like to experience the Matrix from Neo's perspective? Relive the adventure from the beginning with this exciting new third person adventure from Atari.

FEATURING ALL OF THE key characters from the Matrix trilogy, The Matrix: Path of Neo will also include film footage. Players will take on the role of Neo, donning the cool jacket and shades, and reliving all of the movies' best bits. FullStory

Pokémon XD Gameplay, European Release Details Snagged

A recent press release from Nintendo revealed a European release for Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Along with this, RPGamer brings gamers information on the title's story, game mechanics, and a number of gameplay modes.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness will see the return of the CIPHER organization, the main antagonistic group behind the events of Pokémon Collosseum. Shadow Pokémon are, once again, threatening the land of Orre, and the only one who can secure the fate of the world and its people is a young, spikey-haired boy. FullStory

Sony VP takes jab at Nintendo

Phil Harrison, executive vice-president of Sony Computer Entertainment, says that any competition with Nintendo is "irrelevant." FullStory

Pokemon RS Versions

I have some bad news. Pokemon is dead.

At least, the Pokemon you once knew is dead! And out of its ashes, a brand new Pokemon series is born--one that kicks more @$$ and takes more names than its predecessors!!!

Introducing the phoenix of Nintendo video games: POKEMON RUBY AND SAPPHIRE VERSIONS!!! FullStory

"Nintendogs" game sells 250,000 in first week

Nintendo Co. Ltd. said on Thursday its new puppy training game "Nintendogs" sold 250,000 units in its first week, making it the hottest-selling title in the United States.

Nintendo released the game, which allows players to choose, name and train their puppy, for its Nintendo DS handheld player on August 22. FullStory

Beware Sony, Nintendo -- Here Comes Gizmondo

The Gizmondo already is available in Britain where various versions sell from more than US$200 to slightly more than $400 per unit. Tiger Telematics hopes to begin selling the device in the United States this fall.

A small Florida company is preparing to take on Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Nintendo in the United States this fall.

Tiger Telematics' only product is the Gizmondo, a hand-held device that seems to do just about everything. FullStory  

--  The device

Nintendo Gameboy Micro

The 2005 E3 show is upon us, and today came the viewing of a new generation of Nintendo Gameboy Advance, the micro edition! It’s tiny, extremely tiny! It’s thinner than a cell phone and as chic as an MP3 player.

Despite its small size, it has been reported that the micro GBA is quite comfortable to play on. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma was caught at E3 with the device hanging round his neck, it’s that light weight! FullStory

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