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Press Release
PSP Game - Infected
October 10 - 2005

The first in a series of original games exclusively for the PSP from Planet Moon Studios and Majesco, Infected features pulse-pounding two-gun action as players cleanse the mean streets of New York City of mad, flesh-hungry Infected.  The title brings the frenetic gameplay of a classic arcade game to a cutting-edge third-person shooter.

Infected features an engrossing single-player campaign with lavishly gory details and unlocks the world of WiFi with blood-thirsting multiplayer modes.  There is also an innovative multiplayer system called "chain infections" whereby players create unique avatars and pass them on to each other's PSPs like viruses.  If infected by another player, the gamer will actually find his avatar running around fighting in his single-player game.  Through multiplayer victories, players spread their avatars around the real world, player to player, in massive, viral chain letters of evil!

Infected is a game of shifting power, chain reactions, huge explosions and double-fisted gunplay.

It's Christmas time in New York City.  A strange virus has appeared in the city, turning seemingly normal people into insane, violent folks called:  Infected.

Rookie Officer Stevens is one of the first victims of the Infected.  But unlike others, Stevens is strangely immune and doesn't lose control.  The mysterious Dr. Schaeffer discovers that Stevens' immune blood can be used to destroy the otherwise unkillable Infected.  Schaeffer creates a special "viral gun" that fills shells with blood from Stevens' arm and blasts them straight into the Infected, causing them to die.

Stevens is the only person who can save New York - and Christmas - from the Infected!

Game Features:

Infect the world with your PSP™ (PlayStation«Portable) System

  • Spread your unique avatar (character) to defeated opponents’ PSP systems through ad hoc and infrastructure Wi-Fi modes.
  • Check the spread of your avatar across the world through infrastructure mode, Powered by GameSpy.
  • Ultra fast-paced, twin-gun action on the streets of New York City.
  • Set off massive chain reaction of exploding Infected, scoring grisly combos.
  • Four exciting multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and the soon to be infamous, Mad Cow!
  • Access a huge arsenal of weapons and upgrades.
  • Create your own custom character and unlock many more!

Here are a few screenshot.  Click on them to see larger images. 




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