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Pojo's Friday News Page
March 11th - 2005

Feds Seize $3M Cache Of Fake Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

SAN DIEGO -- Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized what industry representatives say is the largest cache of counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards ever recovered. FullStory

Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005
The best Yu-Gi-Oh game to date...

That's right, throw away your worthless DS systems, not only do they lack any good games, probably until it's ending year (which won't be long), but they totally screwed up the value of advance games (no multiplayer linking capabilities, unless it's wireless which about 99% of the games are NOT) As Nintento has shown in the past, graphics don't make a game, and even though there is a newer "Yu-Gi-Oh" set out for the DS system, it will be more of a visial show than an actual decent rendition of the card game (like Xbox's version). FullStory

Orlando brothers create comic-book empire

ORLANDO, Fla. - Phil and Brendan Boyle run a parallel universe where gamers, artists, writers and those who just like large statues of Wonder Woman can all commune.

It's a feat worthy of Superman. But the Boyle brothers come across more like Clark Kent times two - mild-mannered and middle-aged, with kids and schedules. As the CEO and general manager of Florida's Coliseum of Comics, they are out to bust the geek stereotype that plagues comics fans. FullStory

DUEL MASTERS Unveils All New Starter Set Featuring Stomp-a-trons of Invincible Wrath

"Stomp-a-trons of Invincible Wrath", the fifth expansion since the debut of the DUEL MASTERS Trading Card Game (TCG) last March, will release on April 8th.

Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), today announced DUEL MASTERS(TM) all new starter set featuring its latest expansion: Stomp-a-trons of Invincible Wrath(TM). Stomp-a-trons of Invincible Wrath, the 5th expansion since the game's debut last March, will release on April 8th. The set's cards, which introduce awesome Tapping Creatures and huge Very Rare Invincible Spells, will be available in booster packs, theme decks, and in the highly anticipated 2 player starter game.

Stomp-a-trons of Invincible Wrath will include 120 cards and will introduce amazing creatures and spells. Instead of attacking, the new Tapping Creatures can do good things, such as make other creatures unblockable or force opponents to destroy their own creatures. FullStory

book review - 'Eberron: Marked for Death'
A worthwhile read for fantasy lovers

Matt Forbeck’s newest release, “Eberron: Marked for Death,” is the first book in a trilogy published by the game card company Wizards of the Coast. It’s a rousing, action-packed science-fiction/fantasy novel, full of unknown and wondrous creatures. Throughout the story, the main character, Kandler, and his shape-shifting friend Burch, are chasing after a group of vampires and a female shape-shifter called Te’oma. Their mission is to rescue Kandler’s elvin stepdaughter, Espre, after the group of vile creatures decimated the town where he is a justicar (their form of sheriff). FullStory


Tank games seem to have rolled into their own little niche genre on PC, but up until now console owners have struggled to get their fill of heavy metal combat. No longer. JoWood has announced that its World War 2 tank sim, Panzer Elite Action, will be trundling onto Xbox and PS2 as well as PC. FullStory


Biggest PS2 launch ever for the ultimate driving simulator

Sony's GT4 has finally pulled on the handbrake and stopped dead on European shop shelves - and it's managed to smoke the record for the biggest PS2 game launch ever.
Over 3 million copies (3,182,535 if you must know) of the hardcore driving simulator pulled into stores across PAL territories last night. That's the single largest number of PS2 games ever shipped on launch day. FullStory

G-Unit frontman comes to console

50 Cent: musclyAnnounced by Vivendi Universal today, 50 Cent: Bulletproof is the latest title to court popularity by fusing hip-hop and video games, an unholy alliance has already brought such games as Def Jam: Vendetta and Get On Da Mic to gamers’ screens.

The game, to which 50 will lend his own voice and likeness, will be formally unveiled at E3 this year, but the storyline, penned by Sopranos Executive Producer Terry Winter, sees 50 Cent not only tackling the biggest crime families in New York, but even, somewhat preposterously, going on to uncover a far-reaching global conspiracy. Winter also wrote the screenplay for 50’s certain to be rubbish forthcoming Hollywood feature film, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. FullStory

Pokemon XD in development for GameCube

Could the handheld's monopolisation of Poké-mania be set to be beaten down by a large pack of angry trading cards? It seems almost unthinkable, doesn't it?
Well, according to reports emerging from the Game Developers Conference, a GameCube-exclusive Pokémon RPG, entitled Pokemon XD, is currently in the works at Nintendo, giving home console users a rare taste into the wonders of pocket monster fun. FullStory

New Pokémon character lets youths explore real science

Virus-weary parents probably think their youngsters have already caught ’em all, but Pokémon and NASA beg to differ.

The newest character in the trading-card game is a virus that came from outer space on a meteorite and mutated into a Pokémon called Deoxys.

There’s real science behind that scenario, and NASA Langley’s educational folks in Hampton – at Pokémon’s invitation – developed online pages for teachers, parents and children that explain viruses, extraterrestrials, DNA and more. FullStory

Nintendo Plans Wireless Capability for New Console

The next video game console from Japan's Nintendo Co. Ltd. (7974.OS: Quote, Profile, Research) will be ready for wireless Internet gaming and be backwards-compatible with the current generation GameCube, the company said on Thursday. FullStory

Nintendo's Revolution Is About to Begin

GDC 2005 sees Nintendo's Satoru Iwata reveal new info on Revolution, DS Wi-Fi services, and Zelda.

At the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo held a press keynote which revealed the first real specifics about the company's new next-gen system -- codenamed "Revolution" -- along with new information about the future of the Nintendo DS' Wi-Fi multiplayer services. FullStory

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