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July 15th - 2005

Stores plan late parties for debut of Potter book

So far, British author J.K. Rowling has subjected her young wizard hero, Harry Potter, to a bloodthirsty basilisk; a fire-breathing dragon; man-eating spiders; murderous chess pieces; a reluctant werewolf; tenacious aquatic creatures named grindylows, who’d like to drown him; and a rogue sports ball called a bludger, that’s bent on bashing in his brains.
She’s also given him a healthy supply of the more pedestrian problems of adolescence, including bullies, rivals, stacks of homework and a bad case of puppy love.

Legions of Rowling fans can’t wait to see what’s next. Worldwide, they’re counting the hours until the release at 12:01 a.m. July 16 of the sixth book in Rowling’s popular series - “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” FullStory

WizKids Announces First CCG: High Stakes Drifter

WizKids Inc., creator of the runaway hit games HeroClixR and Pirates of the Spanish Main(tm), is proud to announce their first Collectable Card Game (CCG): the multi-player wild west game High Stakes Drifter!

“High Stakes Drifter mixes the excitement of betting and bluffing in a saloon-style game with the customizable fun of a CCG,” said Mike Samora, vice president of Sales and Marketing at WizKidsR. “Unlike many CCGs, High Stakes Drifter becomes increasingly fun as more people join the game. Large groups work best!” The game uses a betting and bluffing system similar to Hold ‘Em where players challenge each other based on Skills, Smarts, and Luck.

High Stakes Drifter also features the fickle favor of Lady Luck in the form of Kicker Chips that are playing chips included in every booster pack that can have positive or negative effects on game play.

High Stakes Drifter will be sold in Starter Sets (MSRP 9.99) and Booster Packs (2.99), and will be available in November of 2005. Everything two people need to play comes in one Starter Set, including a predetermined deck and kicker chips. Players expand their collections through randomly inserted cards and chips in Booster Packs.

State of the RPG: PC
Grab a tankard of Mountain Dew and don your Slippers of Rapt Attention...it’s time to talk roleplaying!

Yesterday we kicked off our first State of the RPG features on the Xbox channel. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at roleplaying games (RPGs) on the PC, discussing their roots, some of the standout titles in the genre and offering up some indications of how the PC RPG can be improved and expanded beyond its current form. Since we’ve got over twenty years of PC RPG history here, we’ll have to take a slightly longer view than you’ll see on the console channels. So settle in, grab a tankard of Mountain Dew and don your Slippers of Rapt Attention.
Defining the GenreMost people tend to associate RPGs with sword-swinging maidens in chainmail bikinis and doddering old white-bearded mages in robes spattered with owl poop. While the high fantasy setting is certainly the stock background for most RPGs, an RPG is defined not by its content but by its manner of presentation. To be a true RPG, a game must contain three elements. First, it should offer up an interactive story in which the player takes a vital part. Second, RPGs must allow for character growth that’s driven by a player’s choices or actions. Finally, RPGs must be built upon a system of rules and statistics that are used to resolve the events that take place in the world. FullStory

‘Transformers’ Will Be More Than Meets The Eye at Theatres Nationwide on 07-04-07

The live-action “Transformers” movie has been set to open nationwide on 07-04-07, it was jointly announced today by DreamWorks Pictures, Hasbro, Inc.(NYSE: HAS - News), and Paramount Pictures.

The feature, based on the globally popular Transformers franchise, will be directed by Michael Bay (upcoming “The Island,” “Armageddon”) from a screenplay being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (upcoming “The Island”). Steven Spielberg (“War of the Worlds”) is executive producing the film, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura (upcoming “Four Brothers”), Tom DeSanto (“X-Men” and “X2: X-Men United”) and Don Murphy (“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”) serving as co-executive producers. FullStory

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW
The Revolution In Wrestling Has Started

This game really symbolizes the real wrestling, unlike WWE SMACKDOEN HCTP; this game shows the reality in wrestling matches. I am talking about the speed, the previous game as so fast & so aggressive! But this game is neither slow or fast though! As far as wrestler’s concerned, I think this game lacks none other than Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones, Hulk Hogan, Hurricane, Rosie, Piper, Lita, Miss Jackie, Maria (I love her), Christy Hemme, Jeff Hardy, Jamal, Basham Brothers, Shaniqua, Steven Richards, Rikishi, etc....All of this are still considered, but the entrance music of BATISTA ?????? Offff !!!!! Doesn’t he have his own entrance music?? And where’s winning move with music? I guess you guys forgot to add this version of works to this game. FullStory

Trailers and footage galore for Ultimate Destruction game

Fans of big, green lumpiness will probably feel a desperate urge to visit the newly launched The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction site.
Here, you’ll be able to view trailers and behind-the-scenes/game footage, gloat at concept art and screens, contribute to the forums, and link to various other Hulk fansites. It also promises to be regularly updated too, so well worth popping back in order to sate your unrelenting green skin fetish.

And that’s just about it. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is due to release on PS2, Xbox and GameCube in August. WebSite

Pokemon Colosseum: Bonus Disc

The US Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk Has the Following:
· A Pokemon Colosseum Preview
· The Jirachi Wish Maker Movie Trailer
· A Downloadable Jirachi, Which Comes With a Rare Berry


Pokemon USA, Inc., a worldwide leader in trading card games, today announced the results of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) National Championships, which were held in Columbus, Ohio on July 2-3. With more than 400 players competing in this year’s premier tournament, Pokemon Organized Play (POP) saw a 35 percent increase in attendance from the previous year, making it the most successful Pokemon TCG National Championship ever. On the final day of competition, POP awarded a total of 12 invitations and travel awards to 2005 World Championships, and $15,000 in scholarships to top finishers. FullStory

Pokémon Mystic Ticket and Pikachu VW Beetle.

From Thursday, July 14th to Sunday, July 17th, Pokemon players and fans attending the 2005 Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA will have a chance to catch two of the hottest Pokemon; Ho-Oh and Lugia! Comic-Con International is the largest comics and pop culture convention in the country with over 87,000 attendees in 2004.
Each day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., fans can visit Booth 2029, and receive the Mystic Ticket, which gives you the opportunity to catch Ho-Oh and Lugia. Fans will need to bring their Game Boy Advance system, Pokemon FireRed, Pokémon LeafGreen or Pokemon Emerald Game Pak and a wireless adapter to download the Mystic Ticket. FullStory


New info on Diamond and Pearl as a mysterious third title gallops over the horizon12:54 Pokémon producer Junichi Masuda has revealed new details on the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on the DS, according to internet reports.

Apparently the kleptomaniac action takes place in an entirely new land this time around. While no new monsters types are likely to put in an appearance, there’ll be some brand new Pokémon to bash around with in addition to the usual roster. What’s more, you’ll be able to transfer your bulging Pokémon collection over from previous installments in the series, presumably by jamming the titles into the DS’s GBA cartridge slot.

There’s also talk of some kind of wi-fi play with up to sixteen players able to beat each other’s furry critters to a pulp simultaneously. FullStory

Pokemon preorders get skin for ‘Cube

Gamers who reserve Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness receive a custom vinyl skin adorned with critters from the series.

Pokemaniacs will soon be able to get their hands on some skins of some of their favorite Pokemon characters. No need to call PETA, as taxidermists aren’t going to start some form of indiscriminate Poke-cide and remove the creatures’ pelts. FullStory

Nintendo may launch USB WiFi adapter for DS online

Japanese giant makes it easy for non-technical users to bring the DS online

Unconfirmed reports this week indicate that Nintendo is planning to launch a branded WiFi adapter which users without existing wireless network gear can plug into their PCs to let them go online with the Nintendo DS - and Revolution. FullStory

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