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Pojo's Friday News Page
January 29th - 2005

"Yu-Gi-Oh!", "Shaman King" Collector's DVDs Announced

4Kids Entertainment Home Video and FUNimation will release the third volume of the special DVD collector’s editions of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Shaman King to home video on February 22, the companies said today. The discs, previously unavailable in the U.S. and Canada, will contain features edited to conform to U.S. broadcast standards and to make room for commercials. The releases will also feature newly recorded English language tracks with the entire original cast as well as the original Japanese tracks and English subtitles. FullStory

Dungeons & Dragons is 30 years old, and its influence on culture is unmistakable

With D&D having just turned 30, it's clear that all those shy D&D lovers have been getting a lot more than just the last laugh. They rule Silicon Valley. They play bass in big thrash-metal bands. They take serious meetings in Hollywood. In our entertainment-based economy, the act of making stuff up — the heart of D&D — is a well-compensated skill set. FullStory

Hasbro's DUEL MASTERS and MY LITTLE PONY Team-Up in McDonald's(R) Happy Meals

McDonald's(R) youngest guests are invited to jump into their own fantasy play world as the Happy Meal(R) offers exclusive new Hasbro's DUEL MASTERS trading cards and toys, as well as a special collection of MY LITTLE PONY characters. Beginning January 28, 2005 through February 24, 2005, guests will receive three DUEL MASTERS trading cards along with custom card-play accessories, or one of eight ponies from the cherished MY LITTLE PONY collection with the purchase of a Happy Meal. Imaginations will soar as children create their own adventures with these enchanting toys, available at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide, while supplies last. FullStory

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for Xbox

"We are excited to bring the thrilling gaming experience of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance to Xbox gamers," stated Feargus Urquhart, president of Black Isle Studios. "We've taken full advantage of the graphical realism the Xbox provides, and believe Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance will be a unique asset to the system." FullStory

Having found its niche, Arena Football is flourishing

Upper Deck plans to release the first AFL trading-card set in the spring. EA Sports, of the John Madden video game fame, plans a similar AFL version to hit a computer gaming system near you by 2006. And the league has its first preview magazine, 72 glossy pages with four regional covers, gracing newsstands. FullStory

New Gundam title mobilizing to PS2

Bandai announces Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam; game based on the popular Japanese franchise is coming this summer.
Bandai today announced that Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam will be coming to the PlayStation 2 this summer. This title is the latest in the prolific series of Gundam games that date back to the early '90s. FullStory

Delta Hawk - Black Hawk Down Headed for PS2

NovaLogic announced today a PS2 version of its PC game Delta Force – Black Hawk Down, saying the PS2 version will support 32 simultaneous players online. FullStory

Celebrity Skin: Inside the Playboy Mansion (PS2)
Melissa Joan Hart, Uncle Kracker, Andrew WK, and David Baksh of Sum 41 talk about being invited to Playboy: The Mansion.

As anyone who's ever attended one will tell you, the parties at the Playboy Mansion are always star-studded events. So it's hardly surprising that the ones in the Playboy: The Mansion game would be as well. Which is almost as good as the real thing … or so we were told when we talked to four of famous folks lucky enough to get invited to these virtual bashes: actress Melissa Joan Hart, singers Uncle Kracker and Andrew WK, and Sum 41 guitarist David Baksh. FullStory

Konami's "exciting news" leaks out early?

10:29 Visitors to Konami's web pages over the past week have been intrigued by a message stating: "Check back on January 27th for some exciting news from Konami! If you love games, you don't want to miss this!"
Speculation of course has run riot, with conjecture running on everything from a new Metal Gear Solid game to a new incarnation of the Winning XI/Pro-Evo series.

However it appears that Konami's cover has been blown prematurely by US mag Play, with scans running around the internet revealing that Konami's Japanese studio is hard at work on a 3D version of Castlevania for the PS2. FullStory

Nintendo Revolution rumors flood the net (GCN)

A plethora of rumors and speculation regarding the Nintendo Revolution have surfaced today, causing a flurry of questions from a world-wide audience.

According to the unofficial reports, the new console will come equipped with a hard drive, use tilt sensitive controllers and will be broadband enabled. FullStory

Game Review: Resident Evil 4

From the opening minutes of the game, the production quality is obvious - this game is a labour of love with every aspect finely tuned. It doesn’t just look good either, the controls are intuitive and even newcomers to the series will be popping heads in no time. FullStory

Need for Speed Underground 2 Heads to Nintendo DS

Electronic Arts is planning to bring Need for Speed Underground 2 to the Nintendo DS handheld this spring, and not surprisingly, the dual screens of the new handheld will introduce some new gameplay and features. FullStory

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