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Pojo's Friday News Page
December 9th - 2005

Superheroes to fly into Clarksville, TN
Comic book fans can find loads of comics at Sunday convention

"We have dealers coming from Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Missouri and Nashville to offer comic book fans a plethora of items that they probably can't find locally," says Thomas, who recently celebrated the first anniversary of his Legion Street comic book store.

"Clarksville Comic Con" is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday in the Alter Gallery, 124B Legion St. FullStory

Shazam! The comic book industry sure has changed.

Walk into a comic book store these days and you're in for a surprise. The drawing styles today are a far cry from the simple artwork that graced the covers back in the '30s and '40s, and even the '70s and '80s. The subject matter is more contemporary, and marketing plans have ensured that tie-in games, cards and action figures are in good supply. FullStory

Shonen Jump Turns Three
Special issue celebrates the milestone.

VIZ Media, LLC. (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive manga and animation licensing and publishing companies, has announced that the January 2006 edition of SHONEN JUMP will be its biggest issue ever — commemorating the third anniversary of North America's most successful monthly manga anthology. The issue hits newsstands and bookstores nationwide on December 6. FullStory

“GCL: Games-on-Demand” for Game Centers and Their Players
First Up: Dragonshard

Games, the world's leading game center organization, Exent, the market leader in digital distribution of games, and game center service provider Incycent today announced GCL (Game Center Licensing): Games-on-Demand, a service that allows game centers immediate, Web-based access to popular titles, along with a flexible pricing structure.

The service launched with Atari, Inc.'s DRAGONSHARDTM, in addition to Atari's real-time strategy game Act of War®: Direct Action. In the coming months, other titles from mainstream publishers will also be added to the service. The GCL: Games-on-Demand service will be provided by Incycent, with technology developed by Exent. DRAGONSHARD, the first-ever real-time strategy game based on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and set in Wizards of the Coast's new campaign setting of EberronTM, is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) and parent company of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. FullStory

Gamers Charity Drive

The Child's Play children's charity, established by the creators of the Penny Arcade comic strip and now in its third successful year of operation, has announced the overwhelming success of its 3rd annual toy drive.

Games industry individuals have so far purchased more than 90 GameCube consoles, 95 PS2s, 79 Nintendo DS handhelds, 153 Game Boy Advance SP systems, 30 Xbox bundles, 26 LeapPads, 30 MP3 players and 49 DVD players, in addition to hundreds of board games, building sets, books, videos, toys, videogame software and accessories. The items will be distributed to sick children in one of 20 hospitals partnered with the Child's Play charity. FullStory

Mirage Expansion for Magic: The Gathering ONLINE Lauches

Wizards of the Coast today announced that the ever-popular MIRAGE™ set will launch at 9:00 AM PST, Monday, December 5, as a new expansion for MAGIC: The Gathering® Online™, with release events scheduled to kick-off on December 7. Originally released in 1996, the MIRAGE card set consists of some of the most memorable cards in MAGIC: The Gathering history and continues to be a fan favorite to this day.

“The addition of the MIRAGE set to MAGIC Online is a great opportunity for us to create excitement with new and old players alike,” said Justin Ziran, brand manager for Magic Online at Wizards of the Coast. “To help celebrate the launch of MIRAGE, we are offering all participants in Mirage League and Premier Events the Stalking Tiger avatar, with winners receiving the Frenetic Efreet avatar.” FullStory

Limited Edition Magic Prints for Sale

This is the first series of limited-edition art prints offered by Wizards of the Coast. Printed on archival-quality materials, each piece is an authenticated collectible, hand-signed by the artist. FullStory

Guildpact is coming!

The second set in the Ravnica block will have Prerelease Events on January 21-22, two weeks before the Release Tournaments on February 3-5, which is when Guildpact will finally be available at your local store.

Previews starting on January 3! FullStory

PS2 Resident Evil 4 tops Japanese chart

In its first week on sale Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 2 has sold more copies than the GameCube version has managed in 10 months.

Resident Evil 4 made its debut in Japan back in January on the GameCube and to date has only managed to sell 220,000 copies. In its first week on sale the PlayStation 2 version has surpassed sales of GameCube version with approximately 243,000 units sold. Making a new entry at No.3 is Monster Hunter Portable, which was very popular with those purchasing PSP hardware, selling a very respectable 114,000 units. FullStory

The PS2 Games of 2006
Mark those calendars folks. We reveal 20 new titles to keep an eye on next season.

This past year was definitely a great one for releases on the PlayStation 2 (easily one of the best since the console's inception), and we saw many genres become ultimately refined (God of War anyone?). We also saw franchises reborn (Resident Evil 4) and games like Shadow of the Colossus that had wholly original and compelling exclusive content. Instant classics like Guitar Hero reminded us why we started playing games in the first place. FullStory

Zathura video game review for PS2

Developed by High Voltage Software and published by 2K Games, Zathura is based closely on the book and movie of the same name. It is an adventure platformer game with a younger charm and appeal in my opinion. It’s the story of two brothers, Walter and Danny, who are about to take the wildest ride of their young lives. In the process they will have to learn to work together and fight each other less. All of this comes about by the playing of a game…an old game that Danny finds in the basement. And once the game is started it cannot be stopped until they finish the game. They are taken into outer space in what appears to be one of the rings of Saturn. You will take on the role of these two brothers as you help them survive meteor showers, overgrown lizard-like Zorgons, save a space man and defeat another alien attack, and battle lava dogs. Remember that Zorgons eat meat, and we are made of meat. FullStory

"Father of Gaming" talks about the state of the industry

Nolan Bushnell, the man behind the success of Pong and founder of Atari back in the 70's, has used his speech at the 2005 Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference to make a surprising point:
he claims that the total gaming population (I presume in the U.S.) has shrank dramatically.

“Complexity lost the casual gamer,” he says. “Violence lost the woman gamer.” He ventures into Nintendo territory, even slamming the PS2 controller.

“The 3D controller that Nintendo is on to is a very good idea,” he says. “If you look at today’s controller with triangles, Xs, squares and circles, it’s scary. It’s like a keyboard. People are interface phobic.” FullStory


WizKids Sells Out of Tsuro
Company’s First Board Game Is Huge Holiday Hit!

December 7, 2005 (SEATTLE) — WizKids Inc., creator of the runaway hit games HeroClix® and Pirates of the Spanish Main™, is proud to announce Tsuro: The Game of the Path, the company’s first board game, is sold out from WizKids’ warehouses!

“This rapid depletion of our stock is indicative of a very strong holiday demand for Tsuro,” said Mike Samora, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at WizKids Inc. “Retailers are reporting very strong sales, no doubt buoyed by the game’s unique style of play and appeal to everyone.” While WizKids is planning on going back to press with the game, it has the potential to become quite scarce in the 2005 holiday season considering how high demand for the game is. Reprints will not be available until 2006.

Retailers agree that they are having a hard time keeping Tsuro on the shelves. “It’s insanely easy to sell,” said Heather Barnhorst, manager of Attactix, a game store in Aurora, Colorado. Players can learn the game in less than a minute, and games take approximately ten minutes to complete, making it perfect for families and groups of friends alike.

While WizKids has sold out, the company’s distributors have some quantities of Tsuro left for retailers to purchase.

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