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April 29rd (Weekend Update) - 2005

U.S. Youth Soccer signs Pokémon as Official Youth Entertainment Sponsor

The "Pokémon U.S. Youth Soccer All-Stars" essay contest will recognize players for achievements on and off the field, and for such traits as sportsmanship, teamwork, friendship and strategic skills. Winners in five age groups get scholarships of a to-be-decided amount. The contest begins in August to coincide with Youth Soccer's busy fall season.

The deal gets a push via Pokémon's media vehicles, and licensees will mention it on product inserts. Partners will tap their databases. "We have three million registered members, and Pokémon has a huge media reach," said Jim Cosgrove, U.S. Youth Soccer's executive director.

Next month, Pokémon gets a presence at 20 Kohl's U.S. Youth Soccer American Cup events, where costumed characters will be present. So will partners. "Nintendo and Kids' WB! are integral in everything we do," said Bruce Loeb, vp-marketing at Pokémon USA. Source

Nintendo of Canada launching a Pokémon Train Your Brain contest

With more than 136-million copies sold worldwide since its introduction in 1996, the Pokémon craze continues with the launch of Pokémon Emerald on May 1 for Game Boy Advance.

To help kids keep their battling brains in shape this summer, Nintendo of Canada is launching a Pokémon Train Your Brain contest this spring. Students 16 years of age and younger can mail their five most creative brain training strategies for keeping their brains fit this summer to Nintendo (see www.nintendo.ca - What's Going On) for a chance at being one of five winners awarded their own Game Boy Advance SP and a copy of Pokémon Emerald. Deadline for entries is May 29, 2005. FullStory

Pokemon Tourney Celebrating N. American Release of Emerald

Nintendo announced earlier this year that they would be holding a Pokemon tournament event to celebrate the North American release of Pokemon Emerald for the Game Boy Advance. Now that the finalists have been chosen, the event is ready to take place this weekend at Seattle's landmark Space Needle. FullStory

An interview with Jeff Miracola Magic: the Gathering Artist.

This week I went above and beyond and got an interview with artist, Jeff Miracola. Jeff has painted many cards for Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and many other things. He started his career as a freelance artist when he was 22 and has amassed quite a library of extraordinary art.

Most notable are his paintings for the Kamigawa set for Magic: the Gathering. He even has a few painting coming up for the next Kamigawa set called, Saviors of Kamigawa. FullStory

Monsters Menace America Board Game Released

Board gaming has taken on monstrous proportions with the release of Monsters Menace America, the newest title from iconic strategy board game brand AVALON HILL, published by Seattle-based hobby game leader Wizards of the Coast (NYSE: HAS).

In the game, players control campy, B-movie monsters who stomp, crush, burn, and battle their way across North America en route to becoming the biggest, baddest giant monster on the continent. The object of the game? Stomp cities, grow in power and infamy, defeat the National Guard and make yours the last monster standing! FullStory

The Nintendo Revolution at E3

Looks like we’re going to be busier than we thought during E3 next month. Fragland reports that a source within the company has confirmed that, contrary to earlier speculation, Nintendo will indeed be showing off their new next-gen Revolution console at this year’s E3 gaming expo. Source

Gamers and dabblers alike take note: Math skills count more than ever. From y-cubed to the GameCube: Math rules at Nintendo

Interactive video games are pure math – or, more precisely, math is the structure behind the design of today’s sophisticated games.
The video game industry is replete with examples of its reliance on math and its demand for employees with the right kind of math skills.

So important are all levels of math that our new Nintendo World store in New York’s Rockefeller Center assesses the basic math skills of prospective hires, including the gamers. FullStory

Bodokai 2 Guide

We found a nice little Bodokai 2 FAQ And Guide. You can take a look at it here. FullStory

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