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An Everlasting Apple a Day….


One thing that is extremely available in the Neopets world is food.  From Neggs to Vegetables, there is no shortage of something to eat.  I would like to give a little advice on one of these kinds of food:  fruit.


Fruit doesn’t really seem to work together like as much as the neggs do, but they are still extremely useful.  Plus this allows you to add them to any deck, not one that has a theme built around them, like you would have to in order to successfully use neggs.  Not that I’m saying fruit are better than neggs, just a little more versatile.  Anyway, the fruit usually have some interesting effects or bank for a decent amount.  Another added bonus of fruit is that all but 1 are uncommon or common, so it isn’t that hard to get some.




Apple Lantern - +4S

Bank – 2

When you bank this card, reveal the top 2 cards of your deck.  Put any Fruit there into your hand and put the rest into the discard pile.


I’m personally not a huge fan of this cards ability.  While it does reward you for playing with more fruit, it is kinda hard to waste a banking opportunity on a 2 bank card, especially when a lot of the other fruit has a bank of 4.  Plus you would have to set up your deck stack with another card to get the full benefit from banking this card.  All you could end up doing is discarding the top two cards of your deck, which can cause more harm than good.  The +4 to strength is nice, and is probably what I would use this card for most of the time.  The only way I would ever bank this is if I knew (or set up) that the next 2 cards were fruit.  Plus, the fact that this is the only fruit with an ability that benefits you from playing more fruit, it really doesn’t follow the theme of being able to stick fruit in any deck.




Everlasting Apple - +3S +2I

Bank – 2

If you win this contest, return this card to your hand.


This card is clearly one not intended for banking.  While it doesn’t give fantastic bonuses, they’re enough to help win a contest.  And of course, the added bonus of being reusable makes this card playable in almost any deck, not just ones focusing on strength or intelligence.


Juppies - +1S +2A

Bank – 4


Not a really great card, but nothing to overlook completely.  A good quality bank of 4.  Plus, you can use it in a pinch to give a low boost for agility (or a really low boost to strength).


Scabu - +1S +2M

Bank – 4


Again, not a great card.  Pretty much the same as the Juppies above, but I generally see a need for magic bonuses a lot more than agility, especially against some of the villains, a lot of whom seem to have a high magic stat to lock the arena.  Good for banking.




Chokato - +2S +1M

Bank – 4


Worst fruit in my opinion.  Ok, 4 bank is good.  But the ones above have it too and provide can provide a +2 stat boost to an arena that you would be fine with getting a low stat boost.  A quicky +2 stat boost in strength usually won’t cut it.  There are too many higher strength boosters.  And while a +2 in magic (like with the Scabu) won’t guarantee a contest victory, +1 is like not even trying.  You would be better off not playing anything and saving this to bank for the off chance that you roll a 6 and win.  The only plus side is the fact that it is a common, but that’s not really that big of a plus.


Peachpa - +5S +4M

Bank – 3

If your opponent plays an Item in this contest, discard this card. (It has no effect.)


Now this is more like it.  Definitely worth playing in many decks.  This card gives a nice stat bonus (even if it is only in two possible arenas) and its drawback isn’t that big of a problem.  Since you play item cards face-down at first, your opponent won’t know to play any random item just to counter yours if you play it during your own contest.  You can also play it during an opponent’s contest when they haven’t played an item, since they can’t go back and play one after you have.  Also, if your opponent has no cards in their hand, or you know that they none of them are item cards, you can go ahead and play this without fear.  The bank amount isn’t really good like a 4, but at least it isn’t a 1 or 2 like is common with good effect cards, so you can bank it without wasting a bank opportunity.


Pinanna - +2S +1I

Bank – 4


Refer back to Chokato.  Yes, I consider both of them the worst fruit, along with the next one.


Starberry - +2S +1A

Bank – 4


Another low stat boost.  Banking for 4 is good, but there are other cards that bank for 4 that are more versatile.  But with any of these (Chokato, Pinanna, and Starberry), feel free to add them in sheerly for their banking power.  They’re all common, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.


Usica Berries - +1S +1A +1I

Bank – 4


A little more playable than the 3 previously named rotten fruit cards (not intended just kinda happened), this card still wouldn’t be game breaking.  Not that a common is expected to be.  This card at least allows you to give a small boost in three different possible arenas, which may not seem like a lot, and it’s not, but can be helpful.  Again, not a lot helpful, but don’t rule out using it just to ensure victory, as a just in case.  You can’t always use a Peachpa.  At the very least, it retains the nice 4 banking.


A quick final note regarding some of the other food types.  Vegetables are generally worse than the rotten fruit (ok, that one was deliberate).  Besides which would you rather have a boring Potato, or a cool sounding Chokato.  The neggs are of course good.  Even better when used together in a theme.  The sweets are pretty good, and can be used in non-sweet themed decks.  The Jelly Aisha’s are especially good in my opinion.  There is other food that is good but doesn’t have a group too.


I hope you all enjoyed the review.