By cinci33:

When building a deck with the current cards available, one of the easiest ways to win is banking quickly and to dominate your opponent with high powered neopets.  Currently, one of the quickest cards to bank are Neggs and some of the stronger neopets are Dark & Earth, so putting them together can create quite a deck.  This deck has been rarely beaten so far.  I haven't perfected it all the way so maybe someone will find something to improve on it.  So what is in it?  Well here it is:

Basic Neopets: [10]
3x Red Grarrl
1x Green Grarrl
3x Red Korbat
3x Yellow Mynci

Items: [19]
3x Ferocious Negg
3x Striped Negg
2x Cackling Negg
2x Happy Negg
2x Blue Negg
2x Yellow Negg
2x Green Negg
2x The Biting Book
1x Blue Paintbrush

Experienced Neopets: [3]
3x Grarrl Gladiator

Villains: [3]
2x Jhudora
1x Dark Faerie Sisters

Heroes: [4]
2x Master Vex
1x Koya, Korbat Huntress
1x Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie

Equipment: [4]
3x Night Stone
1x Jhudora's Wand

Something Has Happened: [7]
3x Jhudora's Evil Eye
2x Pant Devil Attacks
1x Zombify
1x Chomp!


So how does it work?

Well, the basic neopets are max'ed out in each of its categories.  The Red & Green Grarrl's are 9 in strength, the Red Korbat is an 8 in intelligence and decent in Magic, and the Yellow Mynci is a 9 in agility.  These are the best in each category for all of basic neopets, or at least tied for tops.

The items are where the bank power is.  The Ferocious Negg gives me a +2 in intelligence or agility so I can use it on my Mynci or Korbat.  Once I get the Ferocious Negg's effect off, I can go through my deck for the choice of any Negg in there.  The Striped Negg is a 4 bank, but it is strictly for bank use only because if you lose the contest where you play it you must discard a Negg from the bank.  The Cackling Negg basicly gives you a win in the agility contest.  It gives you a +3 in agility along with +3 more for each Negg in your bank.  Most of the time, you'll have 3-5 Negg's in your bank and if thats the case you'll get a +12-18.  The Blue, Yellow,
and Green Negg go with each other.  They all give decent stat raising abilities, but if you bank them, they will count as 4 if you have 4 different type Negg's in your bank.  So when you use 2 of each different 1, they will quickly build up in your bank and you'll quickly get 21.  The Happy Negg combo's with Ferocious Negg.  After playing Ferocious Negg, you can bank Happy Negg and it gets you back a Negg from your discard pile, allowing you to get back Ferocious Negg.  The Biting Book allows you to draw 2 and then discard 2 when banked, so its good draw power.  The Blue Paint Brush gives you a +4 in intelligence, but when you bank it, you get to trade a Basic
Neopet for one in your stack.  This will help prevent you from having the wrong Basic Neopet out at the wrong time.

Grarrl Gladiator is a beast.  With 14 strength and an ability to win with a roll of 5 or 6, he can win you most contests at strength.  It also works well with Night Stone. (which you can read further down to see what it does)  Jhudora helps a ton at Magic, this decks weakness.  She is a 24 in magic and 21 in intelligence!  She also can temporarily slow down the game for you if your having trouble banking.  When you want her gone, Master Vex and the Poogle Plushie can defeat her relatively easy.  When you do, you'll get to bank 2 cards.  Vex is dominant, with his ability to prevent a die roll from your opponent, you can basically ensure a win in that contest.  Poogle Plushie makes your opponents stats all 0 while its are 1's.  This card is death to all villain's.  The Dark Faerie Sisters are in there because they have hardly any downside and they help in both agility and magic.  Koya, Korbat Huntress is all about getting a card advantage with her.

The equipments are pretty simple.  I run 3x Night Stone because its used for my dark neopets.  When its on them, my opponent can't roll a die on my turn versing the neopet.  This means an almost automatic win for my Grarrl Gladiator and it also helps my Korbat from getting beat.  Jhudora's Wand makes me discard my whole hand but my hand is usually 0-2 cards at most and this gives me a +8 in magic which could save me in times of desperation and it also gives me +12 in intelligence.  This card is perfect for Red Korbat.

Finally, the something has happened cards....  Jhudora's Evil Eye discards a card out of my opponent's hand just for have a dark neopet.  With very little cards in your hand to start out with, this card can be deadly.  Pant Devil Attacks lets me look at their hand and take an item out of it.  Chomp! puts the neopet I'm versing at 1 stats for a turn.  Zombify allows me to take advantage of an open contest for a free bank/draw.

Well, there it is.  Hope I helped and any comments on the deck are appreciated.