Subject: best deck type
hello all, my name is stuart hayden (you may have seen me in pojo's tourney reports back in the day) i have started giving neo pets a swing and i must tell you. wizards has redeemed them selves after the loss of pokemon (which despite its popularity now was a HUGE blow to wizards) they needed some thing to get back on track, thus neo pets ^_^ and i must say what a fun game. i bought about 4 boxes and a case of starters and the best deck type is *dramatic pause* female/villian hand distruption >_< one of the best cards in the game is a COMMON plus all the female villians stop your opponent from banking and draw cards but they will only have about 1-3 cards if you actually made the deck GOOD so try it out and see how it goes...oh and shoryu decks are fun too =)
~stuart hayden~