Subject: MagiKazoc's Guide to Choosing Items
Hello New Players and Skeptical Teenagers!
    Anyone who plays Yu-Gi-Oh! should know who I am; if you don't, begin playing/read my articles immediately! Well anyways, back to the Neopets...
Now, anyone who's busted a starter deck has noticed an abundance of fruit and veggies. Although they have a high bank number, they give little to no stat increase. Many beginners, myself included, threw these away after checking the stats. Now, you don't seem to ever have enough bank points! D'oh!
Although the game has no resource cards, per se (energy, land, etc), you will soon see that your items become your resources. Treat the high (3-4 pt.) bank value items as your resources. If you bank five 4's, all you need is one point to win the game! To make a balanced deck, try using 25 items, 10 of them 4 points. Try to get 5 of them at the 3-point mark. This'll give you over a one-in-3 chance of getting a very high-point item. Besides, if you rely on items to win, GET BETTER NEOPETS!
Have fun Neopetting!
     - MagiKazoc!
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