Subject: Top 4 Basic Neopets

Welcome back to another Top 10 list from Neoaddic!(well actually its the Top 4,but hey.) This time i'm going to review the Top 10 Basic Neopets list to you.All should already know that there are 4 catagory's in this game:Intelligence,Strength,Magic,and Agility.Each one for each kind of contest.I'm going to describe to you the best of the Basic Neopets that each fit in each catagory.Also from now on in this list,Basic Neopets are called Basics.First,lets start at the Strength Catagory.
Strength:Green Grarrl-No problem here,with the necessary equipment/item this basic can rampage!With 9 strength points,thats no push off.Too bad Grarrl has low points on other catagorys,but not enough to break the sheer power of this card.Personally,this one of my favorite Basics.Now to Magic catagory.
Magic:Yellow Aisha-Normal stats a basic.Has 8 magic points puting this basic with a little advatage if it is in the Magic contest.Other than that bad stats except for maybe Intelligence (which is 5).
Intelligence:Red Korbat-Same as Yellow aisha,almost identical stats,just in differant catagories.For this basic,its advatage is Intelligence.Like Yellow aisha it has bad stats except for one catagory (intelligence).In a positive note there are more powerful items/equipment in this catagory then any else.Ex:Traveling Neopia (+8 for Intelligence),The Theives Code (+4 intelligence,Biting Book (+6 intelligence),and etc.
Agility:Yellow Mynci-Ahhh...with this ole basic,its only function is the Agility catagory.With any other catagory its a weakling.If you can not and is forced to put it in another contest,find as fastest as possible a paint brush and take it away from the contest (some with Grarrl).Its also great with a Brown negg (+8 agility).
So again leaves another list finished and done.Comments,questions,replies?E-mail me at and I will reply as fast as I can to your mail.Untill next time,good bye.