Subject: My First Neopet Deck

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since the Neopets TCG came out, but I made this deck I think some people might like:


Neopet Stack

3 Red Scorchio

2 Green Grarrl

3 Green Acara

2 Yellow Korbat


Items (21)

3 Faerie Pancakes

2 Happiness Negg

2 Night Stone

3 Snorkle

3 Moltenore

3 The Thieves’ Code

2 Slumberberry Potion

3 Speckled Negg


Creatures (20)

3 Lord Darigan

2 Master Vex

2 Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie

3 Acara Aerobat

3 Scorchio Warrior

2 Grarrl Guard

2 Korbat Researcher

3 Gray Faerie


Since there is only a handful of cards out right now, there is no real strategy here.  It might need some fixing, though.